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Mitchell Shapiro

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:Mitchell Raen Shapiro was born in Phoenix, Arizona on Earth to his Terran father Walter Shapiro and his Deltan mother Oona. Mitchell's parents met on Earth. They fell in love, and they decided to enter a long-term relationship with another. Although Mitchell's father wanted a Terran marriage, he compromised with Mitchell's Deltan mother who wanted to stick with her Deltan tradition.
:Mitchell's parents never got married formally. Rather they entered in a long-term partnership with another, where they lived together. Mitchell was born to his parents 23 Earth years ago on Stardate 236908.19. Mitchell's formal name was a compromise because it contained a Terran male name Mitchell and a Deltan male name Raen. On the legal documents, Mitchell was his first name and Raen was his middle name. Both parents agreed to state his legal last name as Shapiro.

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