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Creatures of Habit (Challenger)

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After more than 100 years of neglect and time with Dr. McCoy'''Synopsis Pending'''s communicator, the [[Iotian]]s ([[ma:TOS|TOS]]: "[[ma:A Piece of the Action|A Piece of the Action]]") contact the Federation, requesting that a ship be sent to pick up their "cut." Little do they know that the Iotians have based their society around 23rd Century Starfleet, with some [[ma:Chicago Mobs of the Twenties|1920s Chicago-mob]] still mixed in.
'''Challenger Away Team:''' FO [[Frazier, Samal Ezra|Samal Frazier]], Lt. [[T'Preen]], Lt. Jg. [[Tribuzio, Chris|Tribuzio]] and Dr. [[Turner, Toni|Toni Turner]]. '''Backup Team:''' Major [[DeMarc, Francis|Francis deMarc]] and Marines, with NPC Security Officer [[Willyard, Ashlyn|Ashlyn Willyard]] played by Lt. Toni Turner.  [[Category:USS Challenger|Mission ArchiveMissions]][[Category:Episodes]]

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