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Updating intro to reflect that awards happen in June now.
{{Template:Awards}}'''Awards''' are given in recognition of out-of-character (OOC) achievement. Awards are presented during the annual awards ceremony in June.
{{Award Categories}}
There are five categories of awards given at three different levels:
 {||<font size=4>* '''Fleet:'''</font>|-|Awarded to one member from the entire fleet at the end of the year.|-|{|!class=fleetbook|[[File:Awards-dutypost.jpg|link=duty post award]]|!class=fleetbook|[[File:Awards-special.jpg|link=special award]]|!class=fleetbook|[[File:Awards-staff.jpg|link=staff award]]|-!class=fleetbook width=180|[[duty post award|Duty Post Awards]]|!class=fleetbook width=180|[[special award|Special Awards]]|!class=fleetbook width=180|[[staff award|Staff Awards]]|}|}  {||<font size=4>* '''Ship:'''</font>|-|Awarded to one member per vessel at the end of the year.|-|{|!class=fleetbook|[[File:Awards-general.jpg|link=general award]]|-!class=fleetbook width=180|[[general award|General Awards]]|}|}  {||<font size=4>* '''Individual:'''</font>|-|Awarded to all eligible members who meet the requirements.|-|{|!class=fleetbook|[[File:Awards-los.jpg|link=length of service award]]|-!class=fleetbook width=180|[[length of service award|Length of Service Awards]]|}|}
==IC vs. OOC==

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