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Cadet Orientation

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''This area is being constructed!'' There are a lot of sub{{LCARS-pages that will need to be created, so we're going to start with a very rough draft. Formatting and graphical elements also coming later. --[[User:FltAdml. Wolfbar|Cadet Orientation|Wolf]] /<sup>[[User talk:FltAdml. Wolf240|talk page]]COLOR=#6699cc}}__NOTOC__<br /sup> 00:43, 14 December 2015 (CST){{Start-85%}}__NOEDITSECTION__
----[[File:AcademyLogo2390.png|right|200px|link=Starfleet Academy Curriculum]]==='''Congratulations on your acceptance to Starfleet Academy!'''===The resources below will help prepare you for your upcoming Academy training.
Congratulations, you've been accepted to Starfleet Academy! &nbsp;
'''Start here for directions''': '''[[/Website tour|Quick website tour]]'''<br />''This area tutorial will prepare you for membership with explain the various parts of our community, especially for your upcoming training programwebsite. ''
{{Heading|Introduce yourself to the community|#6699cc}}
''We're a friendly and open community of members from across the globe. You are welcome here!''
<center><gallery>File:Forum registration.png|<small>[ Register for our forums]</small>|link= 0.jpg|<small>[ Introduce yourself]</small>|link=|<small>[ Ask a question]</small>|link=</gallery></center> ===Register for our forums=Quick website tour==If you have not already done so, '''[ register for our forums]''This tutorial will explain the various parts ' — they’re a very important part of our websitecommunity, and a hub for communication outside of the ship or base you will be assigned to.''
* [[/Website tour introduction]]* [[/Website tour: Wiki]]* [[/Website tour: Main site]]* [[/Website tour: Forums]]Once you’ve submitted your registration, you’ll receive an automated email asking you to verify your email address. Then, one of our staff will approve your account within a few hours. But even before your account is approved, you'll be able to view cadet-friendly areas of the forums and say hello to others.
==Join the forums==
===Introduce yourself===
Now introduce your real self in Tell us about yourself! We look forward to learning more about you, and welcoming you to our Official Welcome Threadcommunity. To begin, simply '''[http://forums.starbase118. Just net/index.php?/topic/6645-welcome-say-hello-here/ click here]''', read that the first post, and click the black “reply to this topic” button to reply with your own introduction. ===Ask a question===Our staff and other members are happy to assist with questions about how our site works and what's next in your journey toward Ensign and placement on a Starfleet ship or base. You can start a new thread and ask any questions you have in our '''[ Admissions forum]'''.  ====Other ways to get help====* Go to our [ contact form] and select "Cadet Steward"* Join the [ chat room] and ask your question &nbsp;{{Heading|Prepare your character|#6699cc}}''Once your training program begins, you'll receive all the instruction you'll need to get started simming with us. But for now, let's dive in and start roleplaying to introduce your character and flex your writing muscles!
===Introduce your character===
Once the actual training program starts, we’ll teach you how Follow this link to sim with usour “'''[http://forums. But for right now, let’s just dive in and start to introduce -your -character and flex your writing muscles. Follow this link to our “Arrival -here/ Arrival at StarBase 118” 118]'''” thread, and read the instructions. Then, click the black “reply to this topic” button and post your response. Don’t worry about the format — just write however it’s comfortable for you. Be creative!
===Ask a questionLearn more about characterization===There's a lot to learn about how you portray an engaging, multifaceted member of Starfleet. But don't worry – we have plenty of easy to follow and fun to read instruction that will get you started. Our '''[[/Your Character|Your Character tutorial]]''' is the best introduction, with more to come later.  &nbsp;{{Heading|Get to know Star Trek|#6699cc}}&nbsp; {{Star Trek Intro TOC}} &nbsp;{{Heading|Prepare for training|#6699cc}}Check out your application acceptance email for your training start date. On that date, you will receive an email – perhaps late in the Admissions forum: day where you are – welcoming you to the Admissions forum is Academy email list. That email will ask you to reply to the list with your first stop character name and confirmation that you're ready to begin training. Once all the cadets assigned to ask pre-your class reply, training questionswill start.
==Prepare The purpose of the training group is to introduce you to how the game works, and explain some concepts that might be new to you. Everything you need to know about getting started with the game will be presented during your character==[[/Your Character|'training. But if you want to get started with your training now, you can read the series of tutorials – listed below – that we use in training. But don'Your Charactert worry if you can't get to them before training starts – this is totally optional, and you' tutorial]] ll receive them via email during the training.
==Star Trek* [[Training Tutorial 1|Tutorial 1: An Introduction==Where do I go from here?]]* Starfleet intro[[Training Tutorial 2|Tutorial 2: Writing cooperatively]]* [[Training Tutorial 3|Tutorial 3: Your character]]* Life in Starfleet / a typical day[[Training Tutorial 4|Tutorial 4: Military time, stardates, and how to address officers]]* Starfleet Academy[[Training Tutorial 5|Tutorial 5: Writers vs. characters]]* [[Training Tutorial 6|Tutorial 6: The United Federation world through the eyes of Planets* Viewer's guideyour character]]
==Connect to &nbsp;{{Heading|See who's in the chat room|#6699cc}}Our chatroom is always open, and say hi==it's easy to connect! Use the "Chat " linkon our website, or '''[ click here]'''. Simply enter a display name and join the channel.
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