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{{Sidebar|NAME = Nira|SHIP = Starbase 118 Ops / {{USS|Albion}}|RANK = Ensign|PIPSTYLE = RetroSlanted|POST = Science Officer|COLOR = Blue|SPECIES = [[Deltan]]|GENDER = Female|BIRTHMONTH = 08|BIRTHDATE = 008|BIRTHYEAR = 2370|BIRTHPLACE = Delta IV|IMAGE =Nira.png|EXTRA =}}
'''Ensign Nira''' is a '''[[Deltan]] Science Officer''' currently serving aboard '''[[Starbase 118 Ops]]''' and her accompanying support vessel, the '''{{USS|Albion}}'''.
{{Headingheading|AppearanceGeneral|Blueblue}}*'''Full Name''': Nira*'''Current Rank''': Ensign*'''Billet''': Science Officer* '''Height''': 1178cm*'''Weight''': 60kg*'''Species''': Deltan*'''Date of Birth''': 237008.78 meters08* '''WeightPlace of Birth''': 60 kgMesja, Delta IV* '''HairColor''': N/A* '''EyesEye Color''': Dark Brown*'''Distinguishing Marks''': None*'''Style''': Comfortable*'''Voice''': Soft but firm*'''Handedness''': Ambidextrous
* '''Telepathic Status''': E4
**'''Mother:''' Amiria
*'''Siblings:''' Nira has twenty one half-brothers and half-sisters and two direct siblings, Aria and Kato.
**Terribly formal at most times.
**Tends to gravitate towards other people.
*'''Temperament''': Calm and cool at all times, likely to be the "cooler head" in a stressful situation.
*'''Favorite Room''': Anywhere in the Promenade.
*'''Quarters''': Bright and stimulating. Filled with trinkets and souvenirs from Delta IV.
*'''Ambitions and Goals''': Nira's greatest goal will probably not get realized within her life span, not only because of technological constraints, but also because of her deep fear of isolation. She dreams of being amongst the first Federation Scientists to travel beyond the Galactic Barrier. A more immediate goal is to publish a scientific paper on a major indexed publication.
*'''Complexes and Phobias''': Nira is deeply afraid of being isolated from other Deltans. This has made her decision to join Starfleet very difficult. Interestingly, her worst nightmare - being completely cut off from physical contact with other Deltans - conflicts with her greatest dreams. She copes with this constant fear by visiting her home planet as often as she can and by keeping herself busy.
*'''Strengths''': Nira is usually an extremely focused individual, and when given a problem to solve she won't stop until she solves it. She also has a "quasi-eidetic" visual memory.
*'''Weaknesses''': Can't stand suffering, noticeably more so than most people. This is directly connected to her empathic abilities. She is also prone to neglecting team work at times of high concentration, and often has problems voicing her thoughts and explaining concepts which to her seem elementary, which can make her sound exceedingly condescending, bordering on rude.
*'''Hobbies''': Dancing, solving visual/mathematical puzzles, stargazing, people-watching
*'''Likes''': Performing Arts, experiencing new sensations, meeting new people, puzzles
*'''Dislikes''': Being alone, explaining things, tense environments, cold temperatures
{{heading|Chronological History|Blue}}
*238801.25 - Accepted into Starfleet Academy
*239211.15 - Graduated from Starfleet Academy
**Major: Science
**Specializations: Physics, Astronomy and Geology
{{heading|Personal History|blue}}
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