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[[MA:Ice Bore|Ice Bore]] worms commonly reside in the icy expanses of the Issa cap. As such, they often travel through the Aenar settlement. While such creatures are dangerous due to their need to generate heat through and internal chemical reaction, they pose no threat to the Aenar who are able to sense their presence [[MA:Telepathy|telepathically]]. Children are often known to pursue swarms of [[MA:Ice Bore|Ice Bores]], tracking them with their [[MA:Telepathy|telepathic]] senses and attempting to track them through the labyrinthine tunnels around the city.
[[Image:IceBoresIceBore.jpg|thumb|150px|''[[MA:Ice Bores|Ice Bores]] are harvested by the Aenar due to their ability to produce heat through an internal chemical reaction.'']]
[[MA:Ice Bore|Ice Bores]] are often harvested from around the Aenar city, as they are useful for a number of scientific and engineering-related purposes. Aside from this, the Aenar tend not to trade with the outside world. Their [ egalitarian] culture leaves them with no need for currency or trade, as they are able to exist in a self-supportive state.

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