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A Series of Unusual Events (Apollo-A)

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Upon first glance Neutronians appear very similar to humans. They are bipedal and mostly hairless except for the tops of their heads. Neutronians have rigdes ridges along their heads which appear similar to horns.
Neutronians are warp capable, but just barely and have yet to truly master superluminal travel. Being relatively new to the party, so to speak, the Neutronians are still in the process of picking on type of power source to use as their dominant source. They currently have several government sponsored research projects in the works to determine which power source is ultimately the best.
* First Minister Quleum K’Prion, the head of the Neutronian government.
* Researcher Ruvvulp W’vlep, the chief researcher of the Ichari Project.
* Captan and crew of a Sicarus Sicarius ship.
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While traveling through the Tyhpon Expanse the crew of the USS Apollo-A detect a faint distress call emanating from a previously unknow unknown planet, Neutronia. Feeling compelled to help, and accompanied by a little curiosity, the Apollo changes course and heads to the planet to investigate.
When the Apollo arrives, they soon find out that a major research project has suffered a catastrophic failure. The project was testing unconventional means of power generation and something went wrong as they tapped into the planet’s core. Now the experimental device is uncontrollably generating a field of improbability. Within this field of improbability, things that normally have a minuscule chance of happening actually happen. The lower the normal chance of it happening, the more likely it happens within the field.
Meanwhile, while the away team helps out on the surface, the crew on the Apollo have a completely different set of circumstances. Not only do they have to keep their eyes on the growing improbability field, in case is reaches into space, but a Sicarus Sicarius ship is headed towards them ready to pick a fight.
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