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Ivani Gupta (alternate)

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:''For the prime universe character, see {{n|Ivani|Gupta}}.''
Lieutenant '''Ivani Gupta''' is the chief operations officer of the {{USS|Ronin|A}} in an alternate universe where the Federation lost the [[Dominion War]].
[[File:Ivanialt.jpg|400px|thumb|Ivani Gupta]]
Had the Federation not lost the war, things might have turned out differently. Determined not to be bound by rules and regulations set forth by her parents. The Dominion war gave her that opportunity. After the Federation, desperate for officers to join their ranks, called for new recruits, Ivani and Alagarasu, the man she would eventually marry, both join the service. Both barely managed to escape during the Fall of SB118 and now find themselves a part of the Ronin-A crew.

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