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USS Yousafzai

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{{Motto - Inactive|Let us pick up our books and our pens. They are our most powerful weapons.|Malala Yousafzai}}
The USS ''Yousafzai'' (NCC-98632) is a ''Mandela'' class hospital and mercy ship of the Federation Starfleet.

The ''Mandela'' class prototype, NX ''Mandela'', was commissioned in 2389 as a heavier, more capable hospital ship than the ''Olympic'' class. While the ''Olympic'' class provided starships that were, essentially, massive mobile hospitals, the ''Mandela'' class is intended to provide all the operational potential of a normal starship, except for offensive weapons systems. The ''Yousafzai'' is the third of a planned order of ten ''Mandela'' class ships by 2395 and is under the command of Fleet Captain {{n|Hayden|Reynolds}} of the Third Medical Fleet.

The ''Yousafzai'' has a dedicated staff of 225 officers and 600 crew, about one-half of them employed by the medical division. Total patient, passenger, and evacuee capacity is 10,000, with individual beds, bunks, and/or dedicated space for each, marking a clear increase over the abilities of other hospital ships.

''Yousafzai'' is named for the [ Malala Yousafzai], an advocate of peace and educator from Earth's 21st century.

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