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Haseko Terei

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|NAME = Habeas CorpusHaseko Terei
|SHIP = USS Doyle-A
|RANK = Chief Warrant Petty Officer 2nd Grade
|POST = Damage Control Engineer
'''PO 2nd Class Habeas CorpusHaseko Terei''' is currently serving as a '''Damage Control Engineer''' aboard the {{USS|Doyle|A}}.
However, before she really died, her body simply vanished. It turns out that a race of bug like aliens had been the inciters all along, and they had abducted her with the ideas of enhancing her for the Joining. Except, they really didn't understand human DNA, and many of the enhancements meant to make her better really made her worse. She was shoved into a stasis unit for the trip back to their homeworld, and had things continued at the point, she would have probably died anyway.
However, she was rescued by a Starfleet ship who detected human biosigns on board the ship. It took them 3 years, but they were able to revert the majority of the damage. However, it did give her sharper eyesight. And revejunated her to a younger woman. But that's a different topicFinally, in SD 239206.22 , she was able to get the paperwork cleared and her old name back.
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{{Heading|Awards & Service Ribbons|Gold}}{{Awardlinks}}* (''We've gone ahead and filled in your first service ribbon: the Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon. As you complete missions and continue to serve with the fleet, you'll earn additional [[awards]] and [[service ribbons]] that you can post here, with the date you got them! For full instructions on how to add more awards and service ribbons, check out [[Template:Ribbons Display]].'') {{Ribbons Display}}{{Awards Header}}{{No Citations}}{{Service Ribbons Header}}{{Citation|Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon|Year or Stardate|Starfleet Academy|Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.}}{{Ribbons Display End}} --> 
{{Crewnav|USS Doyle-A}}

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