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CON:Federation Records (Rewrite)

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# In order to effect the efficient, just and fair administration of the UFOP:SB118, and to ensure compliance not only with this CONSTITUTION but also with the ideals of UFOP:SB118, certain records must, at a minimum, be kept and stored in real and virtual form.
# It shall be the responsibility of the magistrate of each council to, in whatever way is efficient, record all votes, appeals, disciplines and written exercise of granted powers in each calendar year. These records shall be passed to stored on the next magistrate and files section of the council's Y!group lists. The command wiki may also recorded and accumulated by an officer or committee designated by the ECbe used.
# With particular reference to disciplinary records, every effort shall be made to accumulate precedent such that, in administrating disciplines or appeals, there can be developed and adhered to specific and general precedent. When a disciplining or reviewing authority requests, these records may be made available.
# With particular reference to matters of CONSTITUTIONAL interpretation and advisory opinions on same, the same rationale for records preservation shall apply for the purpose of consistent CONSTITUTIONAL interpretational precedent.
# The Staff Award Ceremonies and State of the Federation address addresses shall also be recorded each time such events take place.# To promote communication and Preserved across fleet awareness within UFOP: SB 118 , each yearCommanding Officer of a vessel is responsible to submit a monthly report. The writing and submission of said report may be delegated to another officer (such as the First Officer), but ultimately it falls to the Commanding Officer to assure that the report is done. The period of reporting shall be between the 1st and 15th of every month. The means of submitting the report shall not be specified here (email or online form), but shall be consistent across all ships. The report form shall be as follows: ## Vessel name ## Commanding Officer's name and e-mail address ## First Officer's name and e-mail address ## Mission report (for possible Reporter use) ## Promotions, if any (for possible Reporter use) ## Ship assessment ## OOC Report (any changes or unique information, including but not limited to: commanding officer on leave, crew member removed from list, virus infection, splitting ship, web site moved, discipline issue, etc.)  
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