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Ayiana Sevo/Personal Log Stardate 239109.04

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'''Personal Log, Stardate 239109.04'''
<p>So basically I just helped save the galaxy. Not bad for my second day. Oh, and I finally managed to see my quarters. Small, but they’re my own. I think I spent almost an entire day in bed after all that. I was tired!</p>
<p>Oh, and a final note: my replicator refuses to replicate new uniforms for me. I plan on formally introducing myself to the Captain today, so we will see what he says.</p>
<p>We are remaining at Duronis to repair the ship and give most of the crew shore leave. It looks like it will take several weeks to repair the Victory. In the meantime, I expect to remain on duty and get to know the ship.</p>
'''End Log'''
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