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Civilian Simming Guide

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==A note on Civilian professions and backgrounds==
Within the Federation, people develop careers to better themselves. Some do this in service to Star Fleet but millions do not. So perhaps the first and most important question you must ask as a writer, when developing your civilian, is what is your character's profession? And by extension, what is their background and why have they found themselves within a Star Fleet ship or base? While this may seem daunting, it is helpful to know that any career one might envision having inside of Star Fleet, one could also have as a civilian. So it is very easy to imagine someone finishing school on a Federation world and then going on to becoming a counselor, engineer or even a scientist. But this isn't the limit of what types of careers a Civilian could have by any stretch. If you can think of a 24th century analogy to a 21st century career, you could have your character become it. So careers like artists, reporters, shop keepers, and even politicians are completely plausible.
Civilians in the Trek universe owe great thanks to characters such as Quark, Neelix and Guinin but at the same time the character you write isn't defined by the stereotypical image of a civilian cook or bartender.
One last thing needs to be considered when developing a civilian, and that is how they will fit in aboard the starship or base you will be writng on. This is why having a career is important, because now your civilian isn't just a hitchhiker but someone that could be called upon to contribute to a mission. Whether your creating a new character or writing for the first time, a discussion with your CO will allow you and your CO to figure out how to fit your civilian into future missions and any other concerns you may have initially.
== Before the Mission ==
Before the mission, depending on your class of civilian your role varies. For example, if you are a botanist, you can say that your character has made an important discovery on plant life that could improve relations on another planet. Or, if your character is a cook, you could say that she was cooking a new recipe that went horribly wrong and ended up poisoning the entire crew that had eaten in the cafeteria. Mainly your job is to have the ship run as smoothly (or not as smoothly) as possible.
== During the Mission ==
During missions it Getting your character involved with the current mission is probably the most difficult part of being a civilian. Once you have done this though, the momentum of the mission should give you plenty of opportunities to join in on the mission fun and drama. So first things first, don't wait to be given a way into a little harder mission by other crew members, find '''unexpected''' ways to get have your character stumble into the fun. This is part of the fun of being a civilian, finding unique ways to approach a mission. HoweverFor example if there is a medical conference, there are quite even if your character isn't a few creative ways doctor, have your character attend "because they always wanted to learn more" or "because someone close to get involvedyour character dragged them along". First is perhaps allowing If your character is a merchant, maybe he/she would ask for permission to be captured during tag along on an alien invasionaway mission to pick up supplies or so that he/she can meet a client. Secondly, have The key is to make whatever is happening a part of your character hear or see something 's life (however shallow that will drive reason may be initially) in order to get them involved in the mission.  Then you can run with what happens next. Be it as acting as a nurse when a strange disease hits the medical conference or acting as a guide on an away mission forward. If all else failsSometimes you may know what your role in a mission will be but if you don't know, create just focus on simming how your character would react to a specific situation. Never be afraid to discuss a PNPC that mission in character with other crew members. Who knows which crew member can work make use of your particular character's skill set in any particular situation. And just like any other posting and player, talking with your CO and XO out of character, is a departmentgood way to get help in finding ways into the plot if you are still struggling.
== After the Misison ==

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