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Karaag Wrecks

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|BIRTHPLACE = San Francisco, California Earth
|IMAGE =Karaag.png
'''Karaag Wrecks''' is currently serving as a an '''Operations/Communications Officer''' aboard the {{USS|Columbia}}.
* '''Height''': 5'11
* '''Weight''': 209 lbs* '''Hair Color''': Black* '''HairLength''':Long dark brown (Tied back when on duty)Wavy;Down to middle of his shoulder blades.* '''Eyes''': Green Brown mixBlue* '''Skin Tone''': Lighter Tan* '''Build''': Athletic, Solid, Bigger Chest.* '''Facial Hair''': Groomed Goatee
*Parents: Birth Mother; Valar (Klingon) Age: Unknown
*Adopted Father: Brennan Wrecks (Human) Age: 56
*Adopted Mother: Veronica Wrecks (Human) Age: 52
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During Karaag’s birth his birth mother, Valar was aboard a freighter. The freighter was in sector 001 when Valar had complications during birth. The freighter having limited medical facilities was diverted to Starfleet medical in San Francisco on Earth. After 20 hours of labor Valar finally gave birth to a baby boy. With her last words before passing out she struggled saying “Karaag” then her eyes slowly closed and her life signs began to fade. Valar died just 4 minutes after the birth of Karaag. The doctors at the hospital had no explanation on why this had happen.
He never really was known as the typical Klingon. He broke most Klingon stereotypes except when he would get angry. This was few and far between though. When he became and adult he traveled around earth for a little bit. Karaag felt empty and lost and at the age of 20n he decided to apply to Starfleet Academy. Shortly after doing this he was accepted. He decided to enter his Name as Karaag Wrecks in order to honor his parents.
At the Academy he decided to major in Starship Operations. He decided to minor in science.
Karaag Academy Transcript:
Semester 1: HIST101-91.64% LAW101-85.78% MATH101-98.66% DIPL101-94.34%
Semester 2: LANG101-76.22% ADMIN101-87.61% SURV101-99.00% BIO101-81.09%
Semester 3: TAC101-100% ENG221-85.00% ADMIN110-93.88% PHYS101-92.29%
Semester 1: ENG231-83.88% MED101-70.00% SURV110-80.00% TAC110-95.76%
Semester 2: XEN101-79.88% ENG232-81.99% LANG110-78.94% PILOT101-92.00%
Semester 3: ENG233-97.09% (CORE CLASSES COMPLETE GPA=87.86)
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