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Karaag Wrecks

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|NAME = Harry KimKaraag Wrecks|SHIP = USS VoyagerColumbia
|RANK = Ensign
|PIPSTYLE = Default
|POST = Operations /Communications Officer
|COLOR = Gold
|SPECIES = HumanKlingon
|GENDER = Male
|BIRTHDATE = 0121|BIRTHYEAR = 23492364|BIRTHPLACE = South CarolinaSan Francisco, California Earth|IMAGE =Karaag.png
:''Creating a basic bio is quick and easy to do! Wherever you see brackets below, just add in the text you need, replacing things like 'your name' or 'your ship' with the relevant information inside the coding provided, or follow the instructions given - then delete the brackets and any instructions inside them! Once you're done, you'll have a bare bones bio that you can build on using the FBC tutorials, getting tips from other people's bios or adding your own ideas! Click "edit" to get started! Good luck and enjoy!''
<!--Let's start with your sidebar! Take out Harry Kim's info above and put in your own character's information. Valid colors are Red, Gold, Blue, Teal, Violet, Black, Silver, and Green. Remember those colors as we'll be using them for the section headers in the rest of this bio.
Not all ranks are available in all colors. Use full rank names (except for Lieutenant JG and Lt. Commander, and Lt. Colonel). Pipstyle can be changed from Default to DS9 or Slanted. See the table later in this bio for examples of each. There '''Karaag Wrecks''' is also currently serving as an extra STO pip set, but it works best in the table rather than in '''Operations/Communications Officer''' aboard the sidebar{{USS|Columbia}}.{{Heading|Appearance|Gold}}* '''Height''': 5'11* '''Weight''': 209 lbs* '''Hair Color''': BlackFor date * '''Hair Length''': Wavy;Down to middle of birth, add a leading zero for single digit months and dateshis shoulder blades. The sidebar will automatically calculate your character* '''Eyes's age as well.'': Blue* '''Skin Tone''': Lighter TanIf you have an image for your character* '''Build''': Athletic, Solid, add the file name for it such as EnsignSmith.jpg in the last fieldBigger Chest.* '''Facial Hair''': Groomed Goatee
Do NOT put [[ or ]] or File{{Heading|Family|Gold}}*Parents: in the name. The template will automatically resize your image to fit the sidebar.Birth Mother; Valar (Klingon) Age: Unknown*Adopted Father: Brennan Wrecks (Human) Age: 56*Adopted Mother: Veronica Wrecks (Human) Age: 52
If you don't have an image for your character{{Heading|Background|Gold}}<table width="70%"><tr><td>During Karaag’s birth his birth mother, just leave that field blank and Valar was aboard a placeholder will show up insteadfreighter. The freighter was in sector 001 when Valar had complications during birth. The freighter having limited medical facilities was diverted to Starfleet medical in San Francisco on Earth. You can use the "EXTRA" field if you want After 20 hours of labor Valar finally gave birth to add something else a baby boy. With her last words before passing out she struggled saying “Karaag” then her eyes slowly closed and her life signs began to fade. Valar died just 4 minutes after the bottom birth of your sidebar such as another image, Karaag. The doctors at the hospital had no explanation on why this had happen.When they performed a badge such as background check on Valar all that came up was that she had been exiled from the Featured Bio Contest winner badge or links to subpages such as an academy transcript or a medical recordKlingon Empire. With Karaag having no relatives listed he was put in on of earth’s adoption programs. If you don't want A newly married couple not able to add anythinghave children of their own, just leave it blank adopted the infant Klingon boy. The young couple Brennan Wrecks was 29 and his wife Veronica Wrecks was 25. They raised him as welltheir own all his life.
Once you're done, we'll move onto When Karaag started to grow and understand he was different. At a very young age he learned of his true birth and how he became a Klingon child with Human parents. He embraced his difference and wanted to learn everything there was to be Klingon. After years of research the introductory sentence/paragraph for your character below!-->Wrecks learned what they could about Klingon culture and taught Kaarag what they could. By the age of 8 he knew quite a bit about his actual culture. Karaag never truly felt Klingon though. He was always a happy child greatful of everything he had.
('''Your rank Among the other children Karaag was known to be the joker of the group. Always imposing at first then the stone Klingon face cracks a smile and name''') is currently serving as chuckles that was his way. When he grew to adolescence that was when he noticed he was stronger than most around him. He also began to notice a ('''your duty post''') aboard temper that he would start to develop. He decided to study human martial arts to focus the ({{USS|Your Ship}})now full Klingon rage that would build up inside. (A table of contents will be automatically generated below this line - you won't see it This helped keep him focused and disciplined. Having an outlet helped Karaag fit in the edit window but it'll be right there once you save the page!)with his fellow peers.
{{Heading|Appearance|Gold}}* '''Height''': (Add your stats He never really was known as the typical Klingon. He broke most Klingon stereotypes except when he would get angry. This was few and far between though. When he became and adult he traveled around earth for a little bit. Karaag felt empty and lost and at the age of 20n he decided to apply to Starfleet Academy. Shortly after each bullet point)* '''Weight''': * '''Hair''':* '''Eyes''':* '''Build''':doing this he was accepted. He decided to enter his Name as Karaag Wrecks in order to honor his parents.
{{Heading|Relationships|Gold}}Whom does your character get on with or not get on with? For now, pick one member of your current crew and enter their name below, then describe At the nature of your character's relationship with themAcademy he decided to major in Starship Operations. He decided to minor in science.
* [[(Name of character)]](Description Here)Karaag Academy Transcript:
Semester 1: HIST101-91.64% LAW101-85.78% MATH101-98.66% DIPL101-94.34%
Semester 2: LANG101-76.22% ADMIN101-87.61% SURV101-99.00% BIO101-81.09%
Semester 3: TAC101-100% ENG221-85.00% ADMIN110-93.88% PHYS101-92.29%
{{Heading|(Background/Personality/Career History)|Gold}}YEAR 2In the coding above, delete two of the headings so that only one remainsSemester 1: ENG231-83.88% MED101-70. You can then type here as if you were writing on notepad to drop in some information about your character00% SURV110-80. If you want to use bullets, copy and paste the star above00% TAC110-95. You can also look on the forums and the wiki for tutorials on how to use more adventurous coding76%Semester 2: XEN101-79. Want to include sections for Background, Personality AND Career History? Just copy the code for the title bar above, then paste it in type in the title you want 88% ENG232- you can add extra sections in too!81.99% LANG110-78.94% PILOT101-92.00%Semester 3: ENG233-97.09% (CORE CLASSES COMPLETE GPA=87.86) </td></tr></table>
{{Heading|Service History|Gold}}
:''Below you'll see a table which contains images for rank pips - you can change the word 'Gold' for 'Red' or 'Teal' or one of the other colors listed earlier to match your duty post. Again, not all ranks are available in all colors and/or pipstyles. You can change pips from the default to a different style such as [[Template:DS9Pips|DS9]], [[Template:STOPips|STO]], or [[Template:SlantedPips|Slanted]] by adding DS9, STO, or Slanted after the color.''
{| style="margin: 1em auto 1em auto;" border='2' cellspacing='0'
! style="background:#000;" |{{Pips|Cadet First Class|Gold}}
! style="background:#B8B8B8;" |Cadet First Class
! style="background:#E6E6E6;" |(Stardate you completed your Academy Class)239204.06
! style="background:#B8B8B8;" |Graduated Starfleet Academy
! style="background:#E6E6E6;" |(Duty Post you Graduated as)Starship Operations & Communications
! style="background:#000;" |{{Pips|Ensign|Gold|SlantedDS9}}
! style="background:#B8B8B8;" |Ensign
! style="background:#E6E6E6;" |(Stardate you were placed on your first ship) 239205.09 - (When you left)! style="background:#B8B8B8;" |{{USS|Your first shipColumbia}}! style="background:#E6E6E6;" |(Your duty post)Operations/Communications Officer
! style="background:#000;" |{{Pips|Lieutenant JG|Gold|DS9}}
! style="background:#B8B8B8;" |Lieutenant JG
! style="background:#E6E6E6;" |(Stardate you were placed on your second ship) - (When you left)
! style="background:#B8B8B8;" |{{USS|Your second ship}}
! style="background:#E6E6E6;" |(Your duty post)
! style="background:#000;" |{{Pips|Lieutenant|Gold|STO}}
! style="background:#B8B8B8;" |Lieutenant
! style="background:#E6E6E6;" |(Stardate you were placed on your current ship) - Present
! style="background:#B8B8B8;" |{{USS|Your current ship}}
! style="background:#E6E6E6;" |(Your duty post)
{{Heading|Awards & Service Ribbons|Gold}}
* (''We've gone ahead and filled in your first service ribbon: the Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon. As you complete missions and continue to serve with the fleet, you'll earn additional [[awards]] and [[service ribbons]] that you can post here, with the date you got them! For full instructions on how to add more awards and service ribbons, check out [[Template:Ribbons Display]].'')
{{Ribbons Display}}
{{No Citations}}
{{Service Ribbons Header}}
{{Citation|Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon|Year or Stardate239204.06|Starfleet Academy|Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.}}
{{Ribbons Display End}}
* [ Title of Second SIM] - (Stardate and brief description of what happens)
:''To end your bio, we're going to drop in some code here for your ship's crew template, which should appear at the bottom of your bio and will help members of the fleet easily browse other bios of your shipmates. Change the name of the ship below to whatever the name of your character's ship is, unless of course you've been assigned to the USS Gemini! Don't forget the letter suffix for your ship if yours has one (such as the USS Darwin-A).''
{{Crewnav|USS Apollo-A}}
:''Lastly, don't forget including the proper categories! Find your character's species category listed here: [[:Category:Individuals by species]]; your duty post listed here: [[:Category:Individuals by duty post]]; and your ship characters category here: [[:Category:Characters by ship]].{{Columbiacrew}}
[[Category:Starfleet personnel]]
[[Category:(Your ship's characters category)Communications Officers]][[Category:(Your duty post category)Operations Officers]][[Category:(Your species category)Klingons]]

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