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Karynn Ehlanii Brice/Medical Record

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|EXERCISE= Minimal to moderate depending on circumstances. She is looking into lessons in personal defense and sometimes tries to get to the gym. Exercise decreased some as her pregnancy progressed. She is currently post-partum and not yet cleared for exercise
*'''SD 239106.16 - '''Medical Officer:''' {{n|Clio Athenodora|Margariti}}, MD, {{USS|ColumbiaDarwin}}
*'''Medical Assessment:''' On Stardate 239106.01, Commander Brice was found to be pregnant. Because the child is half-Terran, half-Haliian, the patient will have to be monitored more closely than what would otherwise be normal. She has been prescribed prenatal vitamins and progesterone to be taken daily, along with a hypospray injection of gamma globulins administered at 28, 34, and 40 weeks to prevent blood cells that cross the placenta and into the bloodstream causing her body to become reactive to some of the baby's human antigens.

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