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Apollo Prison break

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** Their destiny is Saporra VII also known as New Sydney
* The Apollo took course towards Saporra VII
== Saporra VII ==
Upon arrival an away team is formed to find Flint and VeeVee on the station consisting of
* Nathaniel Wilmer, Acting FO
* Shar'Wyn Foster, CMO
* Garret Wyse, Security/Tactical Officer
* Ta’ev Fallah D’Hass, Intelligence Officer
As the team is on the Station, the bridge is in constant contact with them, through:
* Deq'vish Neth, Operations Officer - Scanning the station for a layout to lead the team through it
* Charlotte Farnsworth, Social Assistance
== USS Apollo ==
After the team beamed to the station, Engineering shut down the engines to forgo intensive tests, to be able to remove the virus and fix the affected systems.
The failure of another system cascaded through the ship and caused a black out in several system. One of the systems is the power relay for the brig, which makes it possible for Virn Dakrevi to flee.
= Virn Drakevi =
The only picture of Virn Drakrevi Dakrevi in her natural appearance, the picture was taken shortly before her application for Starfleet Academy</center>]]
Virn Dakrevi is a [[Zakdorn]] serial killer that was arrested in late 2377 and found guilty in 2378. Dakrevi escaped from the high security prison facility on Sarius III in company of a dishonorably discharged, former Starfleet Commander named Jonathan Flint and a Romulan known by the pseudonym Veevee.

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