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Bam Bam

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{{SectionRounded|Statistics and Appearance| Gold}}
*'''Full Name:''' (Last Name, First name) Bam, Bambi Bam*'''Nickname:''' Bam Bam
*'''Birthplace:''' Peliar
*'''Handedness:''' Ambidextrous
{{SectionRounded|Personal History| Gold}}
Bambi lived a boring life back home on Peliar, and freaked out her parents when she said she wanted to see the stars and headed for Starfleet on Earth. With her parents’ grudging support she left home, leaving her life long friend Pon Pon behind. Bambi was hit by culture shock but as she adjusted she became a bookworm who excelled at her studies and double majored in Security and Tactical. Bam Bam was surprised when Pon Pon came to the academy a year later and the couple became very close. During those years at the Academy, Bambi adopted the nickname “Bam” and became one of Pon Pon’s many girlfriends. Bam found out about Pon Pon’s many other flings and grew insanely jealous. The two parted ways at Bam’s graduation and ended with Bam Bam slapping Pon Pon on the face after she caught him making out with another guy after the ceremony. Needless to say, Bam wasn’t happy and made her way to the USS Tell for her first assignment. With the launch of the Doyle Bam Bam transferred off the Tell along with Sassi Kax. In true Pelian fashion she talks about herself in third person and names are last name, first name and she almost never lets anyone call her Bambi. To the world she is Bam Bam.

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