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Toni Turner

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[[File:WINNER.jpg|center|frame|Featured Bio for August 2014]] Fleet Captain Rear Admiral '''Toni Turner''' is currently assigned as Commanding Officer at the [[Embassy|Embassy on Duronis II]], and aboard the [[USS Thunder-AThor]].
Image:Badge-Top_Sim_Round_Winner.png|The Getaway
Image:10years_dedication_Turner.png|10 Years of Dedication
Image:Embassylogo.png|CO - [[Embassy|Embassy, Duronis II]]
Image:USS-THOR-LOGO.png|[[Embassy]]/[[USS Thor]]
Image:Embassy-Thunder-logo.png|[[Embassy]]/[[USS Thunder-A]]
Image:Thunderlogo.png|CO -[[USS Thunder-A]]
</gallery></center>  <center><gallery>Image:Trainingteamlogo.jpg|Former 9-year Member <br> Academy Training Team''<br> ''Senior Deputy Commandant''Image:Sdcbig.jpg|<font color="black">''[[Former 5-year Member of the Species Development Committee]]''</font>
Image:PT_logo.jpg|''Former 8-year Member <br> of Publicity Team''
Image:Podcast.jpg|''Podcast Team''
Image:ChatTeam.png|''Fleet Chat Team''
Image:Andaris_Architect_Badge.png.7c7a6481a0e51d69a73e72dabb65939f.png|'' Andaris Architect''
'''Other duties areServed as:''' Facilitator of the Monthly Fleet-wide Chat; One of the judges of the bimonthly Writing Challenge. She also served as the first Cadet Steward, welcoming new applicants to the UFOP: Starbase 118 Academy for seven years. On 239106.17 Toni was named Senior Deputy Commandant of SB118 Academy.
'''Writing Challenge Wins'''
[[File:HWest.jpg|250px|left]] [[West, Heath|'''Major Heath West''']]
*Married to Major Heath West]] on 238507.15 - [[Turner, Toni/Sims|Courtship and Marriage]] *Their marriage produced two children, [[Turner-West, Vee|Vee]] by adoption, and [[West, Garth Turner|Garth]] by natural birth. Vee and Garth's Godparents are [[Adarnis, Dade|Major Dade Adarnis]] (Heath's best friend) and [[T'Lea|Lt. Commander T'Lea]] (who is like a sister to Toni). Unfortunately, their three-year marriage dissolved due to Kerelian Law marriage dictate, and the fact that Heath was MIA presumed dead. For the sake of their children, Toni had to move on with her life, but knew she would always love him, and in many ways, he would be the only man to truly captured her heart
[[File:Wallace2.jpg|100px|left]] [[Wallace, Brikk|'''1st Lieutenant Brikk Wallace''']]
* Under the command of Major Heath West, Wallace took it upon himself to help his superior's grieving widow, and having too much to drink one night, they awakened to find that they had slept together. Realizing it was not meant to happen, they decided to just stay away from each other from then on. Little did they know, that one night would produce a pregnancy, and wanting to do the right thing for the child, they considered marriage, but later, Toni lost the baby, and Wallace and Turner parted company for good. And later, when Heath was found alive, she reconciled with him.
[[File:Waltas.png|200px|left]] [[Waltas, Tyr|'''Colonel Tyr Waltas''']] <br>*239204.08 - After years of knowing Colonel Tyr Waltas, having first met him as a Lt. Commander and he, the Captain of the USS Discovery, Toni and Tyr found that an attraction between them still existed and they began to date. They don't know where the relationship is going, but well, we'll see. A year, almost to the day they started dating, both Tyr and Toni processed their love for each other while guests of Fleet Captain Renos and nir crew the on Outpost Unity.
*238412.15: Adopted Vee Turner-West jointly with Heath West
*238507.15: Marriage to Major Heath West.
*239008.29: Ambassador Tallis Rhul killed during Bluegill infestation on Duronis II.
*239102.15: Breeana was born.
*239106.09: Heath returned to the Embassy, saying that all he ever wanted was her and the children. This time she followed her heart, as he and the children were all she ever wanted too. But both, knowing all too well how difficult it is for a couple in Starfleet, have decided to take any attempt for reconciliation slow and easy. Unfortunately, reconciliation ended in failure when Heath, once again, disappeared without word. *239204239304.0823: Tone begins A year, almost to date Colonel the day they started dating, both Tyr Waltasand Toni professed their love for each other and married.Unfortunately, he left without a word as to why, leaving her with newborn twins.  [[File<h2 style="margin:0; background:#800000; font-size:120%; font-weight:bold; border:1px solid #F0E68C; text-align:Tyrcolcenter; color:#ffffff; padding:0.jpg|150px]] 2em 0.4em;"><br/h2>
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Image:AmbDellaTrillWiki Image.png
'''''(Left to Right)'''''
'''Lieutenant Brell''' and Toni Turner met as junior officers at the old Embassy to Duronis II. Though they moved on to different assignments and lost contact after Brell left Starfleet, his stories of his times at the embassy often featured their exploits and he remembered her fondly. When he re-enlisted, Toni found that he had been posted to the new Federation Embassy under her command as Rear Admiral. The two greeted each other as old friends and started to get to know one another again. Toni is proud to have her friend back at the Embassy, and for the chance that they have to once again work at the Embassy, to show the Federation's goodwill to the Laudean people just as they had done when they first met.
'''Lt. Commander T'Lea''' Toni's unofficial sister, she enjoys sparring with T'Lea to see who can land the biggest insult. T'Lea usually wins. :)
'''Captain/Ambassador Della Vetri''' Write up coming
'''Lt. Commander Anora Manar''' A loyal friend she met on the USS Resolution, Toni's first command. They have maintained the relationship throughout their careers, even though they have been stationed on opposite ends of the Universe at times.
'''Marine Captain Hella''' Born on Bosala II, Hella's parents are Boslic free-traders sanctioned by the Boslic culture, which is much like that of the Ferengi, but more ethical, elegant and charismatic. Although taller and slightly heavier than normal human females, Boslic women are considered quite attractive humanoids, and often described as alluring and seductive. Hella is typical of these traits. She has a smooth vertical arrow-shaped furrow on her forehead and significantly protruding bones along her brow line, accentuating her sparkling eyes. She has flawless skin and long, silky, flowing, hair with purplish tones. She was put on Special Assignment by Heath West to watch over his wife, then Lt. Commander Turner, in his absence.
'''Major Hannibal Parker''' Friend, confident, and protector.
In light of this unprovoked Klingon invasion of a nonmember world, Fleet Captain Toni Turner request for a more blunt response against possible future attacks was respected and a up-rated Akira class was commissioned to replace the recently lost USS-Thunder. The USS Thunder-A requested was equipped with all the 2391 upgrades, one of which was the Quantum Slip-Stream Warp drive (QSSD), which not only cuts down on response time, but makes travel through deep space to points of interest, such as Earth, more convenient.
<br>[[File:Toniatdesk.png|right|235px|frame| Fleet Captain Toni Turner in her Ready Room]]
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===Embassy Duronis II Missions (Toni's First Placement)===
During her time at the Embassy, Toni had a difficult time adjusting to a new planet, but after a few months she came to think of it as her home, and the Laudean people became very important to her. After leaving to join the USS Challenger, she made up her mind that someday she would return to the Embassy as a Commanding Officer, and spent her time away, learning what she would need to know to reach that goal. It would become a goal that defined her entire career.
===USS Challenger Missions===
* [[Challenger Mission Logs|"When I Come Home”]]
* [[Challenger Mission Logs|"Weaths of Holly”]]
===USS Resolution Missions===
* [[Resolution Missions Logs|"Act of Mercy"]]
* [[Resolution Missions Logs|"Broken Promises]]
* [[Resolution Missions Logs|"Hijacked"]]
===USS Constitution Missions===
* 4 Missions - unnamed
===USS Ronin Missions===
[[File:Toniatdesk.png|left|235px|frame|Rear Admiral Toni Turner in her Ready Room]]* [[Operation_Bright_Star|The <br>Battle for DS17 - Operation Bright Star]]
* [[Return to T8A (Ronin)|Return to T8A]]
* [[Taken (Ronin) |Taken]]
[[File:ID_CardTurner.png|left|250px|Embassy ID Card]]
===Embassy/Thunder Missions===
* Vice on Til'ahn - The kidnapping of Vail Daysa
* 2011 Summer Blockbuster Battle for Bajor [[Hold The Line]]
* Lost and Found - Finding the Canis Major
* Deadly Alliance - 2012 Summer Blockbuster Klingon Incursion. During the Klingon Incursion the [[USS_Thunder]] was destroyed.
===Embassy/Thunder-A Missions===
* [[Invasion of the Bluegills|Bluegill Through the Gateway]]
* Computer Technology
* Mapping Sciences
;Communications/Operations Major
*Operations personnel study a program designed to give them a working knowledge of all other divisions in StarFleet Ops officers are frequently trained to become commanders themselves. The Ops cadet usually minors in, but any other field where a minor is offered is acceptable.
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