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The Lost Souls (Darwin-A)

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[[Image:Darwinphaser.jpg|150px|thumb|left|Unorthodox comms]]With the renewed threat of the Zalkonians, Connory and Thomas devise a plan to use the Darwin's phasers to transmit a visual morse code message to the Dunbar alerting them to the threat of using direct comms. Traenor contributes efforts to make the message more legible. As Thomas is busy in the last stages of breaking the Dunbar free of the rift, Icavoc steps in to man Tactical and send the message.
Now free of imminent danger by the rift, and made aware of the Zalkonian ship, Jorey and Capt Dreyfus order Peters, Jellico, Lexicon, and Malon to report back to Engineering and make repair attempts to put the freighter back under her own power. Lexicon relays the uncertainty and difficulty of recreating his de-phasing incident for the rest of the missing Dunbar crew. Peters's relief at being de-phased is soon replaced with apprehension as he is ordered to return to the point where the original phase shift occurred. Jellico picks up on his colleague's discomfort and tries to ease his concerns in a gruff manner. After a period of time, Peters and Jellico are able to bring the Dunbar's impulse engines back online, while Lexicon shores up the freighter's structural integrity. Peters and Jellico discuss terminology for providing engineering estimates.
Renos and Traenor transmit the details of their successful efforts to de-phase affected officers to Shedet, with instructions to prepare efforts to implement the plan ship-wide.
! style="width:200px;"| [ "Keep Bringing Them Back"]
! style="width:300px;"| A plan to bring back all missing persons is implemented.
|It is revealed on the bridge of the SWC Purity that the Zalkonian ship has been employing a Transphasic Cloak to remain unseen by the Federation ships. Cmdr Akaym orders the cloak disengaged, and they launch a probe-like device into the heart of the rift. When the device impacts the anomaly, the rift implodes as the Zalkonians warp back towards their sovereign space.
Shedet and Manius use the instructions received from the bridge to build an anyon emitter, and manage to de-phase Valdivia. Manius gives Valdivia a perfunctory medical exam before releasing him to return to the bridge. Shedet and Manius then go throughout the ship and re-phase all the missing crewmembers.
On the Darwin, the bridge officers watched with concern as the Zalkonian ship appeared and fired its probe at the rift. Traenor struggled to scan the rift as it imploded, leaving mostly empty space.
With both the Zalkonian ship and the rift gone, and the Dunbar safe and under power, Renos gives orders to the Away team to return as the two Federation ships make course to Deep Space 6. All senior officers are given leave to rest. On their return from the Dunbar, Jorey instructs Peters and Lexicon to receive a checkup in sickbay, and dismisses the rest before himself reporting to Renos. After discussions with Jorey, Renos then summons Traenor to nir ready room for a debrief. Capt Dreyfus of the Dunbar is thankful for the Darwin's assistance, and receives a welcome reunion with his chief engineer. Once the Darwin reaches Deep Space 6, the crew are given a short shore leave session while the fate of the Darwin's continued mission status is being determined.
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! style="background:grey;" colspan="2"|Notable Sims
! style="width:200px;"| [ "Countdown"]
! style="width:300px;"| The Zalkonians pull a surprise move.
! style="width:200px;"| [ "I Can Offer You a Warm Embrace"]
! style="width:300px;"| Resolution and a touching reunion.
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