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Hathaway, Noah

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When Varaan was promoted to the position of Executive Officer, Hathaway went with him as his executive aide. It was then Noah received his first promotion to Lieutenant (jg). Varaan began training Hathaway (vicariously through the other department heads) in multiple departments and disciplines. Hathaway became a "jack-of-all-trades", able to fill in anywhere Varaan needed him, when he wasn't working in his official aide capacity. He quickly garnered another promotion to full Lieutenant.
When Varaan has since taken took command of the [[USS Atlantis]], and most of the [[USS Paladin|Paladin]] crew transferred over, including Hathaway. Hathaway still acted as Varaan's aide, but also filled in as a Duty Officer. Varaan sees saw great command potential in his young protege, and is was grooming him for a ship and crew of his own someday.
Noah was transfered to the [[USS Independence]] as Chief Engineering Officer from stardate 238210.02 to 238301.08, before being reassigned by Admiral [[Krieger, Jacob Russell|Krieger]] to [[DS26]] as his Executive Aide.
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