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The Lost Souls (Darwin-A)

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In the Darwin's Intelligence Lab, Icavoc has information on the Zalkonians and prepares to head to the bridge, when he notes a flash. Suddenly, he finds himself incorporeal, unable to interact with the surroundings or, indeed, other people such as civilian Nino Brocales. He finds a way to the bridge where he tries to garner anybody's attention and almost manages to interact with Traenor and Valdivia.
[[Image:petersphased.jpg|150px|thumb|left|Peters, phased]]On the Dunbar, once Jorey learns of Peter's apparent disappearance, he recalls all of the Darwin's officers to meet just off the engine room for a regroup. Deciding on focusing their efforts on reestablishing contact with the Darwin and with preparing for a tractor tow from the science ship, Jorey reissues instructions to his team. Jellico is tasked with assisting engineering on shoring up structural integrity, Yael is tasked with assessing Dunbar crew morale, Lexicon is to work on reestablishing comms, and Dragumov is to report to the bridge and provide relief for the Dunbar crew stationed there. Jorey holds back Malon, however, and tasks her with attempting to use her unique Rodulan empathic skills to try and communicate with the phased Peters.
Lexicon becomes out of phase himself, but not to the same degree that Peters is, meaning he cannot talk to Peters clearly, nor can communicate with the rest of the non-phased crew. Peters, being present in Engineering yet unable to interact or talk to the assembled group, shows increasing frustration with the helplessness of the situation. Despite her misgivings, due to the harmful nature that Rodulan telepathy takes, Malon attempts a mental connection with Peters, which he can receive but Malon cannot note.

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