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The Lost Souls (Darwin-A)

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With the rapid launch schedule of the Darwin, officers are pulled from across the fleet to man the science vessel, and they arrive to board her in quick succession. We are introduced to the new compliment of senior officers as they report aboard to Cmdr Jorey before having one-on-one meetings with the captain. They consist of (in order of reporting):
*{{nrank|Lieutenant Commander|Kael|Thomas}}, Chief Engineering Officer and former Darwin first officer under Captain Reinard’s watch
*{{nrank|Lieutenant JG|Shedet}}, a mission specialist on loan from the {{USS|Victory}}
*{{nrank|Lieutenant JG|Cadfael|Peters}}, an engineering officer
*{{nrank|Lieutenant JG|Artem|Dragumov}}, a security officer; and his civilian spouse {{n|Avaris|Torrin}}, who has a personal history with Cmdr Renos and nir covert activities

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