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The Lost Souls (Darwin-A)

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|Interspersed before and around the meetings with the captain, the rest of the senior staff get the opportunity to meet and explore the ship. Malon and Yael share a drink on Deep Space 6 before embarking on the Darwin. Kael and Peters suss each other out in the ship’s engine room. Traenor gets introduced to both Lexicon and Valdivia at the science consoles on the bridge. Peters visits Sickbay and seeks assistance from Malon for a potentially debilitating injury he had received just prior to reporting to the Darwin. And, Thomas meets a returning colleague and his young son.
The scene then changes to the Conference Room on Deck 1 of the Darwin, where Cmdr Renos is staging his nir first mission briefing as commanding officer. The senior staff file in and take their seats quickly, allowing for only a short bit of personal conversation before the meeting starts.
[[Image:dunbar.jpg|150px|thumb|left|USS Dunbar]]Renos explains that they have been tasked to respond to the distress call from an Antares class freighter called the USS Dunbar, which has been conducting surveys near the Zeta Gelis cluster. It is explained that the ship had been transmitting back perplexing readings about an emergent anomaly, and that Starfleet Sciences & Technologies are concerned that the anomaly may be related to the Prometheus Incident. With the Dunbar disabled, missing its chief engineer, and being drawn towards the anomaly, the Darwin has been tasked to render assistance.

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