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StarBase 118 Universe Primer

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The universe and timeline of [[UFOP: StarBase 118]] is a continuation of the "prime" ''[[Star Trek: An Introduction|Star Trek]]'' universe (i.e., the universe seen in the various television series as well as the first ten films, ''The Motion Picture'' through ''Nemesis''). The more recent Trek films that take place in an alternate reality created by Nero's trip into the past also reveal major developments to the prime universe that are recognized in the UFOP: StarBase 118 universe such as the destruction of Romulus and Remus. 
{{box|BACKGROUND=#F0F0FF|BORDER=#CCCCFF|Although ''Star Trek Online'' is also set in the prime universe and has a detailed timeline of its own called [ "The Pathway to 2409"] that lays out events from right after ''Nemesis'' (2379) to when that game is set (2409), we do not recognize every event in that timeline as also having occurred in our interpretation of the prime universe.
That said, some elements of the STO universe have begun appearing in "118 canon" such as various ship classes and the [[Klingon Invasion of 2389]] into Romulan space. If there's an event or idea you want to introduce into our universe, talk to your CO and command staff to suggest it as a mission!|width{{=}}"80%" align{{=}}center}}
{{header|#5C5CAD|What is ''Star Trek''?}}
New to the world of ''Star Trek''? Get an overview of this pop cultural phenomenon in our special feature, '''[[Star Trek: An Introduction]].'''
{{Star Trek Intro TOC}}
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{{header|#5C5CAD|Uniforms and Combadges}}
[[File:CommandUniform.jpg|thumb|Uniform seen onscreen in an alternate 2390 ("Timeless," VOY)]]
Most avatars you will see across the fleet have adopted the Starfleet uniforms first introduced in ''Star Trek: First Contact'' and last seen in ''Nemesis.'' Onscreen, we also saw this uniform still used in 2390 in the ''Voyager'' episode "Timeless."
Although this version of the future was ultimately prevented from happening in the course of the episode, because we have seen the double-barred combadge design consistently throughout "future timeline" episodes, from "All Good Things..." (TNG) to "The Visitor" (DS9) and "Endgame" (VOY), it would seem this combadge was destined to be deployed by Starfleet. With our game now passing the events of even the alternate future seen in "Timeless," the new combadge design is now showing up across our fleet gradually.Since 2395, some starships have also begun authorizing use of the uniforms seen in "All Good Things" and other episodes that showed the "future" Starfleet. <center><gallery widths=200 heights=300>File:CommandUniform.jpg|Duty uniform first issued in 2373 (Star Trek: First Contact); seen onscreen in an alternate 2390 with the new 2390s-era combadge ("Timeless," VOY).File:SkyBlakeUniform-Red.jpg|[[Sky Blake]] of {{USS|Veritas}} wearing the new duty uniform issued in 2395.</gallery></center>
{{header|#5C5CAD|Duty Posts|clear}}
:''See also '''[[Duty Post Responsibilities]]'''
{|width="400700" align=center|[[File:Uniform-Red-2395.png|100px|link=Duty Post Responsibilities]]|[[File:Uniform-Gold-2395.png|100px|link=Duty Post Responsibilities]]|[[File:Uniform-Teal-2395.png|100px|link=Duty Post Responsibilities]]
|[[File:Uniform-Red.png|100px|link=Duty Post Responsibilities]]
|[[File:Uniform-Gold.png|100px|link=Duty Post Responsibilities]]

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