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Seff/Academy Transcript

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{{Academy Diploma
|Name on Diploma=Ricky RedshirtSeff|Graduation Date=239103237307.1425|Post2390=YesNo|Major=Tactical|Commandant=Andrus Jaxx|Training CO=Leo Handley-Page
|Name on Transcript= Ricky RedshirtSeff|Serial Number= EZ AX - 123 100 - 456256|Graduation Date= 239103237307.1425|Dates of Attendance= 238709236909.21 01 - 239103237307.0925
|Campus= San Francisco, Earth, Sol Sector
|Major= Science - ChemistryTactical|Major Division Color=BlueGoldenrod|Minor= XenobiologyCommand
|Year1Sem1 Course1 Code= HIST101
|Year1Sem1 Course2 Code= XEN101
|Year1Sem1 Course2 Title= General Xenology
|Year1Sem1 Course2 Grade= B-
|Year1Sem1 Course3 Code= ENG221
|Year1Sem1 Course3 Title= LCARS Programming 1
|Year1Sem1 Course4 Code= ADMIN101
|Year1Sem1 Course4 Title= Starfleet Operations
|Year1Sem1 Course4 Grade= A-
|Year1Sem2 Course1 Code= ADMIN110
|Year1Sem2 Course1 Title= Chain of Command and General Protocol
|Year1Sem2 Course1 Grade= B+A
|Year1Sem2 Course2 Code= DIPL101
|Year1Sem2 Course2 Title= General Diplomacy
|Year1Sem2 Course4 Code= LANG101
|Year1Sem2 Course4 Title= Federation Standard
|Year1Sem2 Course4 Grade= B+A
|Year1Sem3 Course1 Code= PHYS101
|Year1Sem3 Course1 Title= Concepts
|Year1Sem3 Course1 Grade= B+A-
|Year1Sem3 Course2 Code= LAW101
|Year1Sem3 Course2 Title= General Federation Law
|Year1Sem3 Course2 Grade= A-
|Year1Sem3 Course3 Code= ENG232
|Year1Sem3 Course3 Title= Replicators, Transporters and Holodecks
|Year2Sem1 Course4 Code= TAC101
|Year2Sem1 Course4 Title= Combat, Unarmed
|Year2Sem1 Course4 Grade= BA
|Year2Sem2 Course1 Code= TAC110
|Year2Sem2 Course1 Title= Combat, Small Weapons
|Year2Sem2 Course1 Grade= A-
|Year2Sem2 Course2 Code= SURV110
|Year2Sem2 Course2 Title= Environmental Suits and Zero-G Training
|Year2Sem2 Course2 Grade= BA
|Year2Sem2 Course3 Code= LANG130
|Year2Sem2 Course3 Title= Elementary AndorianKlingon|Year2Sem2 Course3 Grade= B+A
|Year2Sem2 Course4 Code= BIO101
|Year2Sem2 Course4 Title= Concepts
|Year2Sem3 Course1 Title= First Aid and Field Medicine
|Year2Sem3 Course1 Grade= B+
|Year2Sem3 Course2 Code=TAC170|Year2Sem3 Course2 Title=Combat, Introduction to Starship Combat|Year2Sem3 Course2 Grade=A|Year2Sem3 Course3 Code=TAC175|Year2Sem3 Course3 Title=Combat, Phasers and Photon Torpedos|Year2Sem3 Course3 Grade=A |Year2Sem3 Course4 Code=ADMIN200|Year2Sem3 Course4 Title=Starfleet Starships|Year2Sem3 Course4 Grade=A
|Year3Sem1 Course1 Code=TAC200|Year3Sem1 Course1 Title=Combat, Martial Arts, Anbo-Jytsu and Federation Standard|Year3Sem1 Course1 Grade=A|Year3Sem1 Course2 Code=TAC210|Year3Sem1 Course2 Title=Combat, Marksmanship|Year3Sem1 Course2 Grade=A-|Year3Sem1 Course3 Code=ADMIN210|Year3Sem1 Course3 Title=Starfleet Bases and Outposts|Year3Sem1 Course3 Grade=A|Year3Sem1 Course4 Code=DIPL200|Year3Sem1 Course4 Title=Hostile Species|Year3Sem1 Course4 Grade=A
|Year3Sem2 Course1 Code=TAC220|Year3Sem2 Course1 Title=Small Units|Year3Sem2 Course1 Grade=A|Year3Sem2 Course2 Code=TAC230|Year3Sem2 Course2 Title=Large Units|Year3Sem2 Course2 Grade=A|Year3Sem2 Course3 Code=ADMIN300|Year3Sem2 Course3 Title=Deployment|Year3Sem2 Course3 Grade=A-|Year3Sem2 Course4 Code=DIPL250|Year3Sem2 Course4 Title=Non-Traditional Situations|Year3Sem2 Course4 Grade=A-
|Year3Sem3 Course1 Code=TAC250|Year3Sem3 Course1 Title=Combat, Shuttles and Runabouts|Year3Sem3 Course1 Grade=A|Year3Sem3 Course2 Code=TAC260|Year3Sem3 Course2 Title=Combat, Minor Starships|Year3Sem3 Course2 Grade=A|Year3Sem3 Course3 Code=LAW200|Year3Sem3 Course3 Title=Federation, Constitutional|Year3Sem3 Course3 Grade=A|Year3Sem3 Course4 Code=LAW210|Year3Sem3 Course4 Title=Federation, Administrative|Year3Sem3 Course4 Grade=A
|Year4Sem1 Course1 Code=TAC270|Year4Sem1 Course1 Title=Combat, Major Starships|Year4Sem1 Course1 Grade=A|Year4Sem1 Course2 Code=TAC280|Year4Sem1 Course2 Title=Combat, Non-Federation Starships|Year4Sem1 Course2 Grade=A|Year4Sem1 Course3 Code=LAW220|Year4Sem1 Course3 Title=Federation, Contracts|Year4Sem1 Course3 Grade=B+|Year4Sem1 Course4 Code=LAW240|Year4Sem1 Course4 Title=Federation, Criminal|Year4Sem1 Course4 Grade=A-|Year4Sem1 Course5 Code= ARM101|Year4Sem1 Course5 Title= Introduction to Weapons|Year4Sem1 Course5 Grade= A
|Year4Sem2 Course1 Code=TAC300|Year4Sem2 Course1 Title=Leadership|Year4Sem2 Course1 Grade=B|Year4Sem2 Course2 Code=TAC301|Year4Sem2 Course2 Title=Strategy of Battle 1|Year4Sem2 Course2 Grade=A|Year4Sem2 Course3 Code=TAC302|Year4Sem2 Course3 Title=Strategy of Battle 2|Year4Sem2 Course3 Grade=A|Year4Sem2 Course4 Code=LAW250|Year4Sem2 Course4 Title=Federation, Interplanetary|Year4Sem2 Course4 Grade=A|Year4Sem2 Course5 Code= ARM110|Year4Sem2 Course5 Title= Hand Phasers, Phaser Rifles and Artillery|Year4Sem2 Course5 Grade= A
|Year4Sem3 Course1 Code=ARM120|Year4Sem3 Course1 Title=Knives and other Small Weapons|Year4Sem3 Course1 Grade=A|Year4Sem3 Course2 Code=ARM130|Year4Sem3 Course2 Title=Non-traditional Weapons|Year4Sem3 Course2 Grade=A|Year4Sem3 Course3 Code=ARM200|Year4Sem3 Course3 Title=Starship Phasers and Phaser Cannons|Year4Sem3 Course3 Grade=A|Year4Sem3 Course4 Code=ARM210|Year4Sem3 Course4 Title=Photon Torpedos|Year4Sem3 Course4 Grade=A
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