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SIM:JP: LtCmdr Core & Dr Rahman: Heartbreaker

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'''''Author's Note:''' This version below includes a little bit of the ending from [ "One was bad enough"] and [ "And It Only Gets Worse From Here"] to set the scene for "Heartbreaker" Parts 1 & 2. My favorite part of this sim is when poor Tristam sees Rahman's image flicker. Seems the little homicidal hologram is quite persistent herself.''
'''Core:''' I can't work with *two* of you-
<nowiki>::</nowiki>In one swift move, the second Rahman snaked her arm around Alora's neck, a phaser - out of nowhere - pressed into the skin of her neck.::
<nowiki>::</nowiki>Alora’s eyes widened, taken by surprise at the action of someone she considered a friend - or perhaps the holographic version. She began to react, her hands reached up to grip the arm that held her, but the cold bite of metal against her skin made her pause before she could drop her weight and initiate any sort of attempt to wriggle out of the hold. It was one thing to do what she needed to do when someone had a grip on her. It was quite another to do it with a phaser threatening you.::  '''Holo-Rahman:''' One move and she's dead. <nowiki>::</nowiki>As a Rodulan, Tristam knew little to no violence. Sure, cursing and swearing were a common thing, used during sadness, frustration and anger. Physical violence was uncommon from where he came from - hence, almost failing combat classes, weapons classes, and more. He understood that they were a part of the galaxy, but why they were entirely necessary at all escaped him::
<nowiki>::</nowiki>Now, in this moment, Tristam almost crumpled into a ball as he watched Alora become a Rahman's captive. He was back in another hostage situation.::
'''Holo-Rahman:''' One move and she's dead.
'''Core:''' Roshanara, *listen to me*. I'm not going to *do* anything to threaten you - I *can't* do anything to threaten you. Alora was only being my hands - if you need a hostage, take *me*. As the ''Garuda''’s Chief Engineer, I'm more valuable than she is.

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