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SIM:JP: LtCmdr Core & Dr Rahman: Heartbreaker

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'''''Author's Note:''' This version below includes a little bit of the ending from [ "One was bad enough"] to set the scene for "Heartbreaker" Parts 1 & 2. My favorite part of this sim is when poor Tristam realizes Holo-Rahman is quite persistent herself.''
''The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 239109.19''
<nowiki>::</nowiki>Roshanara knelt down beside Tristam, checking on his injuries when the call from ''Garuda'' came.<nowiki>::</nowiki>
'''Mei’konda: ''' =/\= Mei’konda to awaay teams. Relieef crews are beaming over to taake over repaairs and monitoring of the ''Mercury''’s systems. Prepaare to transport back to the ''Garuda''.
'''Rahman:''' =/\= Commander, this is Dr. Rahman. Commander Core has been gravely injured. =/\=
'''Mei’konda: ''' =/\= A mediic will meet you in the traansporter rooms to determiine if you need treatment for omicron raadiation exposure. =/\=
'''Rahman:''' =/\= Damn the protocols. Beam him directly to sickbay! =/\=

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