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SIM:LtJG Ayelet Kadosh: Burnout

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|IMAGE = Ayelet kadosh.jpg
|EXTRA =PNPC of the [[User:TZhou|writer for Charles Sampi]]
'''''Author's Note:''' As I've mentioned before in the author's note for [[SIM: JP: Drs. Shelley & Zhou: "Today, be a doctor."|"Today, be a doctor."]], SB118 feels more like improv to me. You really have to be open to the cues and ideas others provide you, and that includes not just the explicit tags for dialogue responses but also the hidden or silent tags of various actions that have been simmed. Even though this SIM is technically a solo SIM with no other characters, much of the framework was set up by other writers: the computer announcements of the impending warp core breach, the security lockdown of the ship, and so forth.''

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