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Ayiana Sevo/Duty Log Stardate 239109.04

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'''Science Officer’s Log, Stardate 239109.04, Ensign Ayiana Sevo'''
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:: <p><font size=3 color=blue>'''Hunger Microbots and Subspace Network'''</font></p>
<p>Most installations related to the Hunger are completely automated and controlled through an extremely sophisticated Artificial Intelligence, referring to itself as “Patron.” I do not have the necessary skills to properly elaborate on its programming, but I can safely say it is the most advanced AI I have ever seen.</p>
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:: <p><font size=3 color=blue>'''Hunger Quantum Slipstream Corridors'''</font></p>
<p>The Hunger seem to have set up a network of artificial tunnels through subspace. Their construction is very similar to Quantum Slipstream discovered by the U.S.S. Voyager years ago. However, unlike our current understanding of the technology, the Hunger are able to maintain corridors instead of dynamically creating them in-flight. My sensor analyses of our flight through the corridor may be useful to Starfleet in further understanding our current Quantum Slipstream Engine technology.</p>
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:: <p><font size=3 color=blue>'''Hunger Metaphasic Shielding'''</font></p>
<p>The primary Hunger staging portal through which they were going to launch their invasion was situated inside the photosphere of Duronis A. Considering it had been hiding there for millions of years shows they have heat shielding much more advanced than our metaphasic shields. I would also speculate that their shields or hull has some form of sensor cloaking, since the portal was never discovered before now, however being situated inside a star’s photosphere may have also served that purpose. My sensor analysis of the portal’s shields may be useful to Starfleet in refining our metaphasic shield technology.</p>
<p>'''End Log'''</p>
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