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| UserName = Jackford BJames T. Kolk
| ShipReg = NCC-1987
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{{!}}colspan=2 align=center{{!}}<small>[[List of Awards|Awards]] & [[Service Ribbons]]</small>
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{{!}}{{crop|Vulcan Idic symbol by Balsavor.jpg|100|30|15}}
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* '''Current Rank''': Commander
* '''Current Assignment''': [[USS Drake|''USS Drake'' NCC-1987]]LOA* '''Duty PostCurrent Location''': Chief Diplomatic OfficerPlanet Vulcan
{| border='2' cellspacing='0'
!style="background:#ffffff;"|238911.05 - Present239006.17
!style="background:#ffffff;"|''[[USS Drake]]''
!style="background:white;"|''Kol-Ut-Shan'' (IDIC) Award
!style="background:lightgrey;"|[[Image:Awards General RussBar 2011.jpg|130px]]
!style="background:white;"|[[List_of_Awards|The Russ Bar]]
!style="background:white;"|''[[USS Drake]]''
!style="background:white;"|Awarded to a writer whose knowledge of ''Trek'' lore is extraordinary. Named for Tim Russ, the actor who played Tuvok on ''Star Trek: Voyager'', who was already a dedicated ''Star Trek'' fan before securing the role on the show.
# * '''233704.21''': Born - Vulcinis, Han-Shir province, Vulcan.# * '''235501.01''': Began studies at the [[Vulcan Science Academy]], [[ShirKahr]].# * '''235911.17''': Published first paper on the quantum mechanics of stellar drift.# * '''236004.21''': Joined crew of the science vessel ''USS Surak'' as a civilian scientist on a mission to study a newly discovered Class G, Magnitude +10 star.# * '''236101.12''': Published award-winning paper proving a mathematical relationship between subspace fluctuations and aberrations in the life-cycles of stars.# * '''236102.23''': Awarded both the Vulcan Scientific Legion of Honor and the ''Kol-Ut-Shan'' (IDIC) Award.# * '''236103.01''': Began the ''Kolinahr'' on Vulcan.# * '''236110.14''': Failed to attain ''Kolinahr'' and left Vulcan for Earth to enlist in [[Academy Library|Starfleet Academy]].# * '''236209.01''': Began studies at the [[Academy Library|Academy]].# * '''236706.05''': Graduated as 4th in Class - Majored in Science: Physics & Astronomy, Minored in Engineering.# * '''236706.06''': Assigned to ''[[USS Ronin]]'' as Science Officer.# * '''238405.02''': Transfered to Communications Officer. Direct Supervisor: Lt. [[Thelev, Jhen|Jhen Thelev]].# * '''238411.26''': Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade by Lt. [[Kolk, Jackford|Jackford Kolk]].# * '''238503.31''': Transfered to Science Officer.# * '''238612.11''': Promoted to full Lieutenant by LtCmdr. [[Kolk, Jackford|Jackford Kolk]].# * '''238702.18''': Gave birth to T'Lara, her first daughter, on Planet Vulcan.# * '''238707.01''': Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and transferred to Chief Science Officer of the ''[[USS Endeavour-A]]''.# * '''238810.06''': Transferred to Chief Diplomatic Officer.# * '''238908.01''': Promoted to full Commander by Captain [[Macarius, Geoffrey|Geoffrey Macarius]].# * '''238911.05''': Transferred to Chied Diplomatic Officer aboard the ''[[USS Drake]]''.* '''239006.17''': Requested leave of absence for personal reasons; returned to Vulcan.
*'''Ensign'''**'''[[SIM: JP - Ensign Karynn Ehlanii and Ensign Valis - Musical Counseling|Ens. Karynn Ehlanii & Ens. Valis: "Musical Counseling"]]'''*'''Lieutenant J.G.'''**'''[[SIM: JP: Lt. Jackford Kolk & Lt.JG Valis - Home|Lt. Jackford B. Kolk & Lt. J.G. Valis: "Home"]]'''**'''[[SIM: Lt.JG Valis - Dark Night of A Logical Soul|Lt. J.G. Valis: "Dark Night of A Logical Soul"]]'''**'''[[SIM: JP: Lt. Jackford Kolk & LtJG. Valis - A Little Cestus Festivus|"A Little Cestus Festivus"]]'''**'''[[SIM: Lt.JG Valis - Ahm-van-kal|Lt. J.G. Valis: "''Ahm-van-kal''"]]'''{{Drake Crew}} 
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