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Avronis V

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{{planet|name=AvronisV|image= AvronisV_1.jpg|region= Romulan Star Empire|sector= Venturius sector|system= Avronis System|suns= AB67, yellow star|moons= One, with moon base |class= Class L|diameter= 4212 miles / 6779 km|atmosphere= Low oxygen, partially breathable|hydrosphere= No bodies of water|gravity= 1.2 times Earth standard|climate= Arid, windy, extreme temperatures|terrain= No vegetation. Various rock formations.|interest= D'ramis Gorge, southern hemisphere|lengthday= 14 hours|lengthyear= 187 days|species= none native|otherspecies= [[Romulan]]|language= none|population= none known|techclass= ruins indicate: [[Planetary Development Scale|J]] or higher|cities= none left, evidence of extensive ruins|imports= none|exports= none|affiliation= [[Romulan Star Empire]]|government= none}}
===Planetary Location===
'''Distance to Known Landmark''': Closest is Agurtha Colony, three days out at warp 6. Avronis is less than six days away from the far border of Eryscyne territory, but only if one can successfully navigate the nebula. It is easy to reach with slipstream drive.
'''Nearby Locations of Interest''': There is a Romulan security outpost at the edge of the nebula that monitors anything that might come out of the nebula. The outpost is labeled on star charts as ‘R146.’ It is a manned listening station with a small crew compliment. The outpost orbits a stationary planetoid outside the nebula. It is an older design that is in need to of upgrades and repairs, but still holds defensive and offensive capabilities, including a half dozen small fighter/scout ships that can be called to action if the need arises.
===Planetary Classification:===
===Satellites/Space Stations===
Avronis V has one (unnamed) moon, it is glaciated and without atmosphere. There is an environmentally-domed Romulan moon base on this sattelite. There are no other space stations in the system or surrounding area
As of 239109.01 the moon base had its sensors upgraded so it was no longer 'cycle blind' to the planet's surface as the moon rotated. These upgrades were non-classified recommendations from Lieutenant Piers Ambrose on behalf of the USS Columbia to the moon bases' administrator Vhril tr'Lleodah. The purpose of these upgrades was to make the Romulan military aware of illegal alien and Tal Shiar activities on the planet. The parts for the upgrades were delivered to the moon base before the Columbia left orbit.
===Land/Water Ratio===
After the explosion of the Hobus Star, the Romulan Empire officially halted the dumping of antimatter waste as a show of political goodwill. This was most certainly done to get aid from outside governments, including the Federation. In reality, antimatter dumping only halted on the planets that were close enough to Federation space to be monitored. As Avronis is on the far side of Romulan territory, the policy has always been ‘we don’t care; don’t get caught.’
===Mission Data===
In the [[USS_Columbia_Past_Mission|Things We May Find]] mission, the USS Columbia discovered several key bits of information on Avronis V:
1. Avronis is still being used as an Antimatter waste dump by independent freighters
2. Avronis bears extensive archaeological ruins, including ruins that appear to be from the Iconian civilization
3. There was a group of Tal Shiar agents working on the planet, unbeknownst to the Romulan government (or the waste dumpers)
4. These Tal Shiar agents were working with an unknown alien race. It appeared they were trying to restart the Iconian equipment
5. The Columbia removed the Tal Shiar from the planet by force in order to prevent the gateway from being opened
6. The Columbia worked with the moon base administrator to strengthen the moon base's sensors
7. As the Tal Shiar and the unknown aliens presented an equal threat to the Romulan military as it did to the Columbia, no inquiries were made on what happened on the planet's surface.

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