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(('''[[Salaks' Quarters (DS17)|Salaks Quarters, DS17]]'''))
<nowiki>::</nowiki>Jankev stood outside the quarters he thought were Joran's. Now, why wasn't the door opening? He pushed the controls and heard a chime.::
'''[[Salak]]''': Enter...
'''[[Kolari, Jankev|Kolari]]''': Hello?
<nowiki>::</nowiki>Salak was a little surprised to see the artist standing in his doorway... He'd only been back for a short while, and didn't know his return had been public knowledge as yet. He watched as Jankev began to walk into the room, stopping as he saw the Vulcan::
'''Salak''': Is there any way I could help you, perhaps?
'''Kolari''': I don't want to impose... ::Kolari let his gaze wander Salak's quarters.::
'''Salak''': It's no trouble, most of this is only temporary anyway...
<nowiki>::</nowiki>Salak sealed the lid of the box he'd been unpacking and placed a rug on the floor before gesturing Kolari to the door towards which the Engineer was moving. Kolari nodded and followed the Vulcan Lieutenant out of the room.::
'''Salak''': Computer, please direct us towards the Quarters of [[Tavex, Joran|Lieutenant Tavex]]...
<nowiki>::</nowiki>Expecting the wall panels to light up and guide them, Salak was a little dismayed by the computers response::
<nowiki>::</nowiki>Kolari nodded. He didn't want to end up somewhere he wasn't supposed to be again. Unable to use the computer to guide them, Salak began looking at the decals on each door, labeled with the deck number, section, compartment and room purpose... Kolari followed a little dismayed by the silence but not knowing what to say.::
<nowiki>::</nowiki>The duo walked down the corridor, walking past the quarters of various officers as they went... Clarke, [[Tulane, Henry|Tulane]], Bennett, Murphy... Kolari watched the names as they walked past. They were strange names. Dismayed by the silence Kolari began to think outloud::
'''Kolari''': Terrans have such strange names...
<nowiki>::</nowiki>Jankev simply nodded in response. The two men continued searching the hallways for Tavex's quarters for several more minutes. They came to an abrupt halt just as a security officer passed them.::
'''[[Jackson]]''': Excuse me gentleman, but shouldn't you be in quarters?
<nowiki>::</nowiki>Kolari looked distressed at the man's comment.::
[[Riley, Sidney|Lt. Sidney Riley]]

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