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USS Columbia

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{{Section|Comissioned & Launched|Blue}}
{{USS|Columbia}} was named in honor of the old earth space shuttle Columbia that was destroyed in a tragic accident in 2003. The first ship to enter outer space with the name Columbia was a pioneer in earth's early space history. It is no coincidence that Columbia left dry dock almost exactly 400 years after her ancestor entered earth's orbit for the first time.
Commissioning of the new starship Columbia marked a change for StarFleet. With the [[ma:Dominion War|Dominion War]] long over and peace talks with the [[ma:Romulan Star Empire{{Motto - Active|Romulan Star Empire]] progressing, StarFleet shifted construction of its vessels away from wartime duty and toward its primary mission of explorationThere are always possibilities. The existing [[ma:Nebula class|ICON=Nebula Class]] design facilitated this change in mission-icon1.gif|link=Columbia_Dedication_Plaque}}
Named for the first NASA space shuttle to be launched into Earth orbit, the '''USS ''Columbia''''' (NCC-85279) is a {{USSc|ColumbiaNebula}} eschewed Long Term Deep Space Exploration & Reconnaissance Explorer. It is presently assigned to the battle capabilities of some more recent vessels; she was instead well equipped with some of distant [[Sagittarius Reach]] along the latest breaking galactic edge and largely untested Starfleet technologyis under the command of Captain [[Theo Whittaker]]. What Columbia lacked in offensive firepower, she made up with technological advancementCommander [[Jarred Thoran]] serves as it’s Executive Officer.
<br \>Originally launched in 2382 as part of a Starfleet initiative to return to the peaceful exploration of space after over a decade of strife with the Borg, the [[Dominion]] and other external threats, the ''Columbia'' was originally assigned to explore the Gamma Quadrant before it was reassigned to [[StarBase 118]] as it’s primary support vessel, where it remained in service until 2390 when it was severely damaged during the course of an assignment and put into drydock for extensive repairs in refits.
{{Section|Starbase 118 Support|Blue}}<br>While she served through 2382 These repairs and refits were completed by mid-2391 and part of 2383 as an exploration vessel, she command was soon reassigned, with her crew, given to StarBase 118 OperationsCaptain [[Ben Livingston|Benjamin Livingston]]. She was active as Assigned to the field ship in that capacityTrinity-Serellan Defence Fleet, ''Columbia'' sported a new bridge module, until 2384enhanced sensor capabilities, when she additional support craft and other system upgrades. By 2392, command of the ''Columbia'' had passed to Commander [[Brek]] before the vessel was put into dry-dock ordered to return to [[Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards|Utopia Planitia]] for a review further upgrades and testing at the end of her warp systemsthe year.
Following the failed attempt at creating an artificial wormhole for incredibly fast interstellar travelIn September 2393, the 'Columbia ' was severely damaged. After limping back once again reassigned to [[StarBase 118]] as the primary support vessel for the Trojan-II class space station and placed under the captaincy of [[Sal Taybrim]] where it served for over a year with distinction, Captain seeing action against the resurgent forces of the Orion Syndicate in the Trinity Sector. In the December of 2394, the vessel was seconded to the [[Avatar, Mal|AvatarAndaris Task Force]] and his crew were transferred to upon arrival at [[StarBase 118 Ops|Starbase 118 OperationsDeep Space 26]]ordered to undergo its most extensive refits yet.
<br>{{Section|Refit and Ready for Service|Blue}}<br>Columbia's Work on the ship continued until mid-2395 when it was placed into active service in support of Starbase 118 Operations came once again and assigned to the [[Sagittarius Reach]] on a violent end when mission of long term space exploration under the ship was severely damaged during a command of Captain [[Starbase 118 The Odyssey ProjectTheo Whittaker|missionWhittaker]]. Extensive repairs were required''Columbia'' now features an entirely new bridge module and Captain’s Yacht, and StarFleet took the opportunity an uprated propulsion system that allows it to refit the ship with upgraded systems and modulesreach a maximum speed of Warp 9.9, including a new bridge modulestate-of-the-art sensor suite based off of those found aboard {{C|Luna}} starships, cutting edge medical facilities and- perhaps most importantly- greatly expanded sensor capability, additional support craft, scientific facilities and laboratories. These additions and other system upgradesallow the ''Columbia'' to operate independent of Starfleet facilities and outposts for up to five years.
On Stardate 239107.14, Commander <br/><center>[[Livingston, BenjaminFile:ColumbiaMissingInAction-OrbitingVadhavul.jpg|Ben Livingston900px]] took command of {{USS|Columbia}} as it set out on a new mission of exploration.</center>
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