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! [[File:UFOPgrayseal.png|150px|link=UFOP Constitution]]<br>[[UFOP Constitution]]
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* [[UFOP Constitution|Preamble]]
* [[UFOP Constitution/Article I: Mission Statement|I: Mission Statement]]
* [[UFOP Constitution/Article II: Inconsistency|II: Inconsistency]]
* [[UFOP Constitution/Article VIII: Discipline of All Officers|VIII: Discipline of All Officers]]
* [[UFOP Constitution/Article IX: Administration of the UFOP|IX: Administration of the UFOP]]
* [[UFOP Constitution/Article X: State the of the Federation Address|X: State the of the Federation Address]]
* [[UFOP Constitution/Article XI: Federation Command Authority|XI: Federation Command Authority]]
* [[UFOP Constitution/Article XII: Federation Records|XII: Federation Records]]
* [[UFOP Constitution/Bylaws|Constitution Bylaws]]
*''Reference Documents''
** [[UFOP Constitution/Summary|Constitution Summary]]
** {{s|UFOP Constitution|Amendment Log}}
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[[Category:UFOP Constitution]]

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