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Leadership beyond the rank of Captain is a rare and powerful thing in our group. It requires absolute dedication and loyalty to our organization, as well as a continuing desire to participate in the community at large, run an amazing ship, and expand our reach. It requires vision and diligence, and a fair amount of work.
# Mentorship of new Commanding Officers from your ship.
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:''See also: [[flag officer rank]] in the [[Hall of Honor]]''
Promotions are available to the following Flag Officer ranks:
 * [[Fleet Captain]]* [[Commodore]]* [[Rear Admiral]]* [[Vice Admiral]]* [[Admiral]]* [[Fleet Admiral]]
Depending on the situation, some officers choose to continue holding the rank of Captain while In Character, while maintaining their higher Out Of Character rank. In this way, an officer can continue to plausibly command a starship IC while holding a higher OOC rank.
=={{LCARS Section Heading|Serving on the Executive Council==|tan}}Along with promotion to a Flag Officer rank, staff members can also be invited serve on the [[Executive Council]]. This is the most powerful decision-making body within the group, which is responsible for the promotion of officers to Captain and above, the commissioning and decommissioning of vessels, and much more. This most prestigious command committee is compromised comprised of our community’s most dedicated leaders.
To be eligible to serve on the EC, officers must have served as a Captain for at least a year, and have a broad understanding of the organization as a whole. This includes participation in more than one OOC activity, as well as leadership of one of our taskforces. In turn, leadership among other staff members through participation on the Captains Council is required.
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