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<noinclude><center>'''''Please use [[118Wiki:{{Ship Nav color coding]] for fleetSidebar -wide nav template colour scheme.'''''</center></noinclude>Inactive{| class="toc" style="margin: 0 0 1em 1em;" alignSHIP NAME="right"! style="background:#66ccff" align="center" | [[USS Eagle]]<br>[[ma:Intrepid class|Intrepid Class]]|REGISTRY=NCC-74659| styleSHIP IMAGE="font-size: 90%" |[[Image:Nav-eagle.jpg|175px]]TEMPLATE NAME=Template:Eagle----*'''Personnel Files'''|BODY=
* [[USS Eagle Current Crew Roster|Crew Roster]]
** [[USS Eagle Master Crew List|NPC Roster]]
** [[Eagle Awards|Awards and Decorations]]
*'''LCARS'''* [[USS Eagle Ship Specifications|Ship SpecificationSpecifications]]
** [[USS Eagle Deck Listings|Deck Listing]]
** [[Craft assigned to USS Eagle|Assigned Craft]]
* [[Trinity Sector|The Trinity Sector]]
** [[:Category:Star Charts maps|Star Charts]]
* [[Eagle Mission Archive|Mission Archive]]
* [[Previous ships called Eagle|Previous Vessels Named ''Eagle'']]
* [ Eagle Forums]
* [ Eagle OOC Yahoo!Group]
* [ Eagle Staff Yahoo!Group]
----<center><sup>NCC-74659</sup>}}</center><center><supnoinclude>[[TemplateCategory:USS Eagle|Edit this nav]]</supnoinclude></center>|}

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