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Karynn Ehlanii Brice/Medical Record

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*'''SD 2387.01.01:''' After having something to drink at a local cafe, Karynn suddenly began feeling ill and then blacked out. She was found by the medical staff to have Hypotension with early kidney failure. The causative agent was found to be anticoagulating her blood and causing internal hemorrhage by destroying her red blood cells. It also appeared to be disabling her white blood cells. She underwent specialized dialysis to remove the agent but spent some time (about a day?) unconscious before waking up. Even after waking up, it took her several hours to sort out the bad dreams she had while in a coma from the memories and events leading up to the infection. It was hypothesized that she was not the intended target, although the actual target and motive were never discovered.
*'''SD 238809.09-238903.27:''' After a trip to Earth for a conference, the Haliian became unconscious shortly after checking in with the Captain. Initially thought to be a case of the Wrath Plague that had devastated one of the satellite Romulan refugee colonies, the Haliian was placed in a medical quarantine. Although the diagnosis was made as Tarkalean flu, there were complications that required that the Haliian be placed in a medically induced coma for several months. On waking, it was decided that she should spend at least the next year or so in a region with more expanded access to medical care, necessitating her transfer out of the Ithassa region.
*'''SD 239103.16:''' Karynn was working in a lab, elucidating the structure of what was later found to be Phosphino-Titenozine, when the lights went dim, she dropped the glass slide she was working with, and cut her hand through her glove, contaminating the wound in the process. The chemical caused a surge in her adrenaline axis, resulting in intense fear, as well as causing intensive amplification of her empathic abilities. While still mostly limited to touch empathy, she began sensing strong emotions from the same room and was overwhelmed with a flood of others' emotions when touched. Through the help of a cortical inhibitor and an enzyme to break down the compound. She spent several hours in Sickbay before being released for limited duty on monitoring and then active duty.

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