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Arrington, Simon

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|NAME = Simon Arrington
|SHIP = USS FCS Charybdis
|RANK = Civilian
|PIPSTYLE = Slanted
|SPECIES = Human
|GENDER = Male
|BIRTHMONTH = 0011|BIRTHDATE = 0002|BIRTHYEAR = 00002352|BIRTHPLACE = Gaia Artemis III|IMAGE =Handwriting_Alan_Alda_2.png
 '''Captain Simon Arrington''' is currently serving as the '''Commanding Officer''' aboard the '''USS FCS Charybdis''' stationed in the Duronis Sector. {{Section|Basic Stats|Silver}} * '''Full Name''': Simon Arrington* '''Current Rank''': Captain* '''Race''': [[Human]]* '''Date of Birth''': 235211.02* '''Age''': {{age|2352|11|02}}* '''Place of Birth''': Artemis III* '''Gender''': Male* '''Telepathic status''': None
* '''Height''': 6'"2"
* '''Weight''': 82kg
* '''HairColor''': Gray * '''EyesLength of Hair''': Short* '''Eye Color''': Gray* '''Skin Tone''': Caucasian* '''Birthmarks, Scars''': None* '''Build''': Tall and skinny* '''Face''': Curved but anguar* '''Carriage''': Reserved, straight back* '''Poses''': Hands clasped into fists held behind his back* '''Taste in Clothing''': High quality, always likes to look good* '''Handedness''': Left {{Section|Manner|Silver}}
* '''Quarters''': Deck 2 - USS Charybdis
* '''Favorite Room''': The Museum - Deck 2
* '''Habits''': Rings his hands when nervous
* '''Mannerisms''': Always relaxed, playful
* '''Hobbies and Pastimes''': Spends most of his spare time reading, otherwise regulating the ship
* '''Likes''': Blood Wine
* '''Dislikes''': Cardassians
* '''Achievements in Life''': Captain of his Own Ship
* '''Disappointments in Life''': The one who got away
* '''Temperment''': Calm, playful, hidden bad temper
* '''Personality Type''': '''I'''ntrovert i'''N'''tuition '''T'''hinking '''J'''udgement
* '''Physical Limitations''': Dodgy left hand on account of boxing injury
Born in the mountainous regions of Gaia Artemis III colonies, Simon was always particularly fond of Ancient Greek mythology, his particular favorite being that of Odysseus. Every night as a child he would as his father to read a short story from a book of Greek myths before he would sleep. His interest in Greek mythology developed into his teens, leading him to various archaeological digs, for which his planet is famous. He was educated along with the other colonist children, however by the time he was 18 had been involved in numerous bar fights, ending him with a criminal record. The epitome of which was the theft of an ancient Gaitian artifact, namely a stone talisman. Due to the planet's location close to the Bajoran Wormhole, and Cardassian Boarder it became a major trading site for Gamma Quadrant goods. He sold his belongings in order to buy passage aboard a freighter, and soon became a member of its crew. He joined the Maquis when his home-world came under threat from the Cardassians. His parents were killed in a massacre which took place there. With nowhere else to go he slowly worked his way up the ranks of the freighter until he had a large enough share to buy and trade with his own vessel, which was eventually upgraded to the USS Charybdis.
* '''Spouse''': None
* '''Children''': None
{{Section|FCS Charybdis|Silver}}
* '''Name''': FCS Charybdis (Ka-rib-dis)
* '''Type''': Federation Cargo Ship
* '''Class''': Modified Aeres Class
* '''Number of Decks''': 4
* '''Width''': 38m
* '''Length''': 60m
* '''Weapons''': Type X Phaser Banks on Bow and Stern, Photon Torpedo Launcher on the the Bow.
* '''Defenses''': Standard Issue Star Fleet Deflector Shields
* '''Max Speed''': Warp 8
* '''Auxiliary Craft''': 1 Type 9a Cargo Shuttle, Type 6 Personnel Shuttle
===Deck Layout===
Deck 1: Bridge, Shuttle Bay <br/>
Deck 2: Personal Living Space, Museum, Arrington's Quarters <br/>
Deck 3: Engineering Section <br/>
Deck 4: Cargo Space <br/>
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! style="background:#B8B8B8;" |Captain
! style="background:#E6E6E6;" |TBA 238505.13! style="background:#B8B8B8;" |USS Charybdis! style="background:#E6E6E6;" |Trade & Commerce
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