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Embassy of Duronis II

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{{embassybannerNewEmbassy}}{{EmbassyMotto - Active|Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.|Albert Camus|ICON=Akira-motto}}{{Embassyicon2.gif}}The '''Embassy of Duronis II''' is a United Federation of Planets diplomatic installation on the planet of [[Duronis II]] in the [[Luxis system]]. It's facilities are augmented by the [[USS Thunder-A|USS Thunder-AThor]].
==Quick Stats==
* '''Sentient Species''': [[Laudean]]s (like "Human")
* '''Native name for system''': [[Luxis system ]] (like "Sol system")
* '''Native name for planet''': Til'ahn (like "Earth")
* '''Federation name for system''': Duronis system
By the time the USS Thunder arrived, the Laudeans had ousted the remaining Romulans, and had taken over the Federation Embassy for their own office use. Prime Minister Ahishma Chandra, now back in office, gave the Federation representatives, the newly renovated Romulan Embassy instead as insurance that the Romulans would not try to reoccupy it.
===Embassy Complex Map===
Below is a basic overview of the Duronis II Embassy grounds.
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