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Hathaway, Noah

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Varaan has since taken command of the [[USS Atlantis]], and most of the Paladin crew transferred over, including Hathaway. Hathaway still acts as Varaan's aide, but also fills in as a Duty Officer. Varaan sees great command potential in his young protege, and is grooming him for a ship and crew of his own someday.
Noah was transfered to the [[USS Independence]] as Chief Engineering Officer from stardate 2382??.?? to 2382??.??, before being reassigned by [[Krieger, Jaccob Jacob Russell|Admiral Krieger]] to DS26 as his Executive Aide.
Noah's closest friends in his Starfleet career have been his mentor, Varaan, [[Marquette, Phillipe|CWO Phillipe Marquette]] who also mentored Noah during his engineering career, and Lieutenant Eskyys, Varaan's successor in Engineering. Although Marquette is old enough to be Noah's father, their relationship is more fraternal in nature.

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