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Rawanna Constructs

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image = [[Image:No-Graphic.jpeg|110px250px]]| 4letter = RWN3| fedstatus = Neutral| origin = Rawanna III| encountered = Non-canon| techlevel = N| |}}  The ''' Rawanna Constructs ''' is a group of children (number unknown) created in one more search for ultimate soldier. ==Name==* '''Proper Name''': Rawanna III Laboratory Constructs 
=''' Rawanna III Laboratory Constructs '''=
==Home System==
* '''Proper Name''': Rawanna
* '''Catalog Name''': Sinosa 59J-41
* '''Quadrant''': Alpha
* '''Location''': ??? Sector (coordinates A27-0002-1300??) * '''Proper Name''': Rawanna system* '''Star''': It orbits a [[Star Classifications|class A (White)]] star* '''Distance from Star''': it's orbit is approximately 35 million km * '''Companions''': It is the 3rd of 5planets in the system
** Rawanna I: H-class – desert world
** Rawanna II: O-class – pelagic world
==Home World==
* '''Proper Name''': Rawanna III
* '''Catalog NameDiameter''': Rawanna III14,??? km (7,958 miles) * '''DiameterGravity''': 13 559 km0.91 standard gravity with a density of 5.0* '''GravityAxial Tilt''': 19.04 G3%, with minimal seasonal changes * '''Orbital Period''': 22,1 T-334 days* '''Rotational Period''': 22,1 T-days23.2 hours* '''Classification''': [[Planetary Classification|M/O]]** '''Surface Water''': 77%** '''NotesAtmosphere''': World 1.15% is between common class M and class Oa standard pressure with 73% nitrogen, with lot of surface water mostly oceans25% oxygen, so have high salinity.2% trace chemicals ** '''AtmosphereClimate''': Warm and humidMainly a semi-tropical to tropical world with mild weather patterns.** '''ClimatePopulation''': not noted (laboratory is underground facilityJust over 5 thousand
==PhysiologyHistory==When certain rumors came to the attention of Federation Intelligence that the Rawanna people seemed to be purchasing genetic samples from a wide range of different species on the black market they became concerned. As a result an in depth investigation was authorized and conducted.
All Constructs are combination As a result of 8 main races this investigation it is believed that as the [[Betazoid]], [[Brekkian]], [[El-Aurian]], [[Lumerian]], [[Risian]], [[Ullianma:Dominion War|Dominion War]]grew and expanded its sphere of influence the Rawanna people became fearful, [[Vulcan]] verging on panic and [[Zakdorn]]the government took drastic action. Since their people were for the most part pacifists they needed to find another solution than trying to make soldiers of their own people.
Many ideas were considered and rejected until they learned about genetic manipulation. A clandestine search for more information resulted in their getting extensive historical files from the Federation and other sources. Files that detailed the various successes and failures of numerous different species including the Eugenics Wars on Earth.
Risans were chosen They immediately agreed on this as a base race for their strong body structure best possible solution, selected an isolated island with no population and internal biology capable of forming bond with other races. Betazoids were chosen constructed a large underground facility for their ability scientists to control many body functions (heart, respiratory, circulatory, excretory, endocrine), Brekkian for unique ability work in. Then they hired certain questionable sources to provide a limited natural generation of a bio-electrical discharge from obtain the hands, El-Aurians for extraordinarily sensitive to disturbances necessary specialized equipment they would need in the space/time continuum and ability order to remember enact their plan. This included the original version gathering of history if genetic material from a change is made in time. Lumerians for ability to form a psionic bond with another personnumber of different species including the following 8 species [[Betazoid]], [[Brekkian]], giving him/her the option to "dump" bad feelings and other "mental waste" onto the bond partner[[El-Aurian]], Ullians for their telepathy[[Lumerian]], Vulcans for strong body and inner eyelid[[Risian]], or nictitating membrane[[Ullian]], which protects [[Vulcan]] and [[Zakdorn]]. Samples from other species were also obtained and used as well. Most of their vision experiments into genetic manipulation were complete failures but they learned from bright lights them. Altered their techniques and Zakdorn for refined the process until their unique ability success rate rose to use strategy and tactics as reaction not willing process98.436%.
Federation Intelligence is unsure but based on various sources it is believed that they are still conducting experiments and obtaining new alien tissue samples with which to work with. If this is correct then there does not seem to be any end in sight for this experimental program.
For each new batch some additional component was added ==Government==These constructs (super soldiers) have no representation in the government and are considered to maybe bring stability be the legal property of the Rawanna people. Even with this they are treated just like anyone else, just taught from their earliest age that they exist to construct but no data is available for each construct, nor serve and protect the list general population of Rawanna III and all of races is ever foundtheir people.
As a species they resemble humans but with black hair, dark eyes and tanned complexions. For the most part they are slim, athletic and fit with a wide variety in height and body shape. Occasionally blonde and red hair crops up as well as black skin tones. These are a result of the genetic quirks resulting from mixing human DNA with theirs. In some cases these unusual characteristics would seem to confirm the presence of other alien DNA with in theirs.
It was expected that at least one out of 10 creations will ==Physiology==As with most intelligent humanoid species they have wanted qualitiesa very complex system with specialized organs, but natural selection didn’t workand unique hormones, chemicals and since needed founds scientists (at least in beginning) didn’t tap into forbidden sphere of genetic alterations in DNA sequencingenzymes.  Most of constructs had maybe one They are typical humanoids with most of wanted qualitiesthe physical, mental and biological medical problems that seem to plague most not even onehumanoids
Only case where Lumerian ability When it comes to the altered genetic creations much has to dump “mental waste” was inherited it was do with the most interesting degeneration that happened (construct [[Labria, Mailea|Mailea Labria]]) where instead various DNA samples used in their creation. As a result there is a lot of variety since each and every one know seems to be completely different from each other. That being able said most managed to get rid of "mental waste"inherit inner eyelid, she can collect itstronger bodies and fast metabolism. No other case Most of inheriting that particular ability is noted.  ===Physical Characteristics=== But despite common specimens have a Low Pain threshold and in most cases even same ancestors, constructs don’t have many or in some cases even any distinguished common physical characteristicshigh energy consumption during use of their psionic abilities.  ===Body Composition=== As is case with common looks same is with body composition. Every specimen tend Due to inherit more from one fast metabolism and less from another specieshigh energy consumption they all need lot of nutrients===Senses===
Since most of races have some type or variation of psionic ability almost all specimens have high readers abilities.
===Resistances=Religion==As with the Rawanna people they believe in Pau Nau, the spirit of the world and Nou-ia the spirit of the waters his wife.
It is impossible to determine one that would be common to all specimens==Mythology==They have many tales and stories about how Pau Nau met, since every fell in love and each is different from each other, but most managed to inherit inner eyelid, or nictitating membrane common to Vulcans though not all, but all have somewhat stronger body married Nou-ia. From their union came the world and fast metabolismeverything in it.
===Vulnerabilities=Society== Most of specimens For the most part they have Low Pain threshold adapted and high energy consumption during use live among the rest of their psionic abilitiesthe Rawanna species in peace and harmony===Physiological Requirements=== Due to fast metabolism Working and high energy consumption acting just like any other citizen. Ready for when the call may come that they all need lot of nutrientsare needed.
===Government===They have been raised to enjoy the same forms of artistic expression that the rest of the Rawanna species has. Even encouraged to express themselves in like manner if they feel the inclination.
Since most or even all except one member of “race” don’t know others exist there is no government or any other type of governmental structure==Customs== In this regard they are just the same as their creators, adopting and absorbing the social mannerisms used by those around them that they need for successful daily interactions.
===Social=Technology==They rely completely on the [[Rawanna]] government for any technology they may need. However about 15% of them have become members of the scientific community and work on either improving or creating new technology.
Since most or even all except one member of “race” don’t know others exist there is no social statuses nor positions==Economy==They rely completely on the Rawanna government for their food, housing, medical care and other needs. They are too few in numbers to be able to develop their own commercial needs.
===History=Military==Most of them, approximately 80% have been assigned to work with the emergency response and environmental protection force. Here their enhanced mental and physical abilities can best be put to use assisting the population and protecting their environment.
In constant search to create “perfect soldier” a group of scientist get into research “on ==Federation Intelligence Files==[[Labria, Mailea|Mailea Labria]] attended the edge” of allowed Academy, graduated and very close to forbidden genetic engineering. Hiding behind the technicality of not using forbidden methods of enhancing genetic structure, but only mixing genes got green light to start research. The plan worked fine tried served as an officer in holodeck, but actual results were far from acceptableStarfleet. It was expected to one only after this that Federation Intelligence learned that the Rawanna people may be involved in 10 created specimens have at least 80% of wanted characteristicsgenetic manipulation. In 23 years An in depth examination of research and over 1000 specimens they got no acceptable resultsher medical records would seem to indicate that this is true.
Laboratory Federation Intelligence believes they have managed to get DNA samples from the following species. Risans because their DNA is closed ideal as a base race for their strong body structure and internal biology capable of forming bonds with other races DNA. Betazoids for their ability to control many body functions (heart, respiratory, circulatory, excretory, endocrine), Brekkian for their unique ability to provide a limited natural generation of a bio-electrical discharge from the hands, El-Aurians for extraordinarily sensitive to disturbances in the space/time continuum and everything about research erased when ability to remember the original version of history if a change is discovered that made in time. Lumerians for ability to form a group of specimens managed psionic bond with another person, giving him/her the option to evade “cancelation” "dump" bad feelings and were found by various races throughout other "mental waste" onto the Renaaran Sectorbond partner, Ullians for their telepathy, Vulcans for strong body and inner eyelid, or nictitating membrane, which protects their vision from bright lights and Zakdorn for their unique ability to use strategy and tactics as reaction not willing process.
===Taboos=Sources== No known common, but Mailea Labria tend This is an original Starbase 118 species created to feel uncomfortable around non readers! ===Religion=== Most of specimens tend to accept common religions fill in the backstory of species the super soldier program they live withcreated called the Rawanna III Laboratory Constructs program.  ==Notable Specimens== This program resulted in the creation of [[Labria, Mailea|Mailea Labria]]who was a member of the fleet.
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