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StarBase 118 Universe Primer

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The '''[[UFOP: Timeline]]''' lists the major events that have occurred in the 24th century, some seen or mentioned in canon and others exclusive to our game, to show how everything ultimately fits together. In addition to the comprehensive listings for each decade within the timeline, a brief overview of major changes or new additions to the "prime" universe in our game is included below:
{|width="90%" align=center|style="background:#E0E0E0; background-image: linear-gradient(#E0E0E0, #5C5CAD, #E0E0E0)" width=[[Yolanda Wars]]=5 rowspan=100%||colspan=3 height=20||-[[File:Orion2.jpg|linkvalign=top width=Orion80|thumb|Through a joint effort with Starfleet Intelligence and StarBase 118 Operations, the powerful &#9664; <font size=3>'''[[Orion|Orion Syndicate]]2373''' was finally eliminated.]]*|valign=top|'''2373[[Yolanda Wars]]:''' An act of espionage by the Romulans launched the '''[[Yolanda Wars]]'''. With the the Dominion War also beginning around this time, Starfleet and the Romulans signed a peace treaty the following year. The Romulans continued to stay out of the war with the Dominion until later in 2374 when a prominent Romulan senator, returning with evidence that the Dominion had been planning for an invasion of the Romulan Star Empire, was believed to have been assassinated by the Dominion. |rowspan====Establishment of the 4|[[Duronis II Embassy]]File:Orion2.jpg|link====*'''2379:''' The Orion|thumb|Through a joint effort with Starfleet Intelligence and StarBase 118 Operations, the powerful '''[[LaudeanOrion|Orion Syndicate]]s''' of [[Duronis II|Til’ahn]] discovered warp drive, and the [[Duronis II Embassywas finally eliminated.]] was established two years later.|-|valign=top|&#9664; <font size=3>'''2380'''|valign==top|''''The Demise of the [[Orion Syndicate]]==== *'''2380:''' After a series of set backs and infiltrations since the mid-2370s, '''the infamous [[Orion Syndicate]] was extinguished''' through the combined efforts of [[Starfleet Intelligence]], [[StarBase 118 Ops]] and SB118 Fleet officers.|-|valign=top|&#9664; <font size=3>'''2381'''|valign=top|'''Establishment of the [[Duronis II Embassy]]:''' [[Duronis II Embassy]] was established two years after the the '''[[Laudean]]s''' of [[Duronis II|Til’ahn]] discovered warp drive.|-||valign=top|'''Terrorist Attacks in the [[Haliian]] System====*'''2381:''' A group of '''terrorists operating in the [[Haliian]] system''' bombed several cities, attempting to persuade planets on the outskirts of the Federation to declare independence.|-|valign=top|&#9664; <font size=3>'''2383'''|valign==top|'''[[Gorn Conflict of 2383]]====*'''2383:''' The Federation's increasing presence in the [[Eratis System]] led to conflict with the Gorn Hegemony and ultimately the [[Battle of Eratis]] and the '''[[Gorn Conflict of 2383]]'''.|-[[File:Operation Bright Star 1.png|linkvalign=Vaadwaur Invasion of 2387top|thumb|In 2387, the &#9664; <font size=3>'''[[Vaadwaur Invasion of 2387|Vaadwaur captured DS17]]'''. In response, Starfleet executed [[Operation Bright Star]] to recapture the station.]] |valign====top|'''[[Vaadwaur Invasion of 2387]]====*'''2387:''' The [[Second Battle of Eratis]] concluded with the capture of [[Deep Space 17]] by the '''[[Vaadwaur Invasion of 2387|Vaadwaur]]'''. The [[Vaadwaur Occupation]] lasted until [[Operation Bright Star]], when the station was finally liberated by Starfleet on SD 238709.19. =|rowspan=3|[[File:Operation Bright Star 1.png|link=Vaadwaur Invasion of 2387|thumb|In 2387, the '''[[Vaadwaur Invasion of 2387|Vaadwaur captured DS17]]'''. In response, Starfleet executed [[Operation Bright Star]] to recapture the station.]]|-||valign=top|'''Romulus and Remus Destroyed====*'''2387:''' The '''[[Hobus supernova]]''' destroyed the Romulan homeworlds of Romulus and Remus.|-|valign=top|&#9664; <font size=3>'''2388'''|valign==top|'''Tragedy on Betazed====*'''2388:''' The {{USS|Constitution|B}} was hijacked by Armeni, a psychotic, Betazoid felon, and used to '''destroy the Betazoid city of [[Ohmallera]]''', killing 1.2 million people.|-|[[File:Bajoran City.jpg|linkvalign=Bajor|thumbtop|In 2388, '''[[Bajor]] was welcomed into the Federation''' as a member.]]====Bajor becomes a Federation Member====*'''2388:''' [[Bajor]] became the newest member of the Federation, although the tumultuous events surrounding its membership became known as the [[Battle for Bajor]]. ==|rowspan=3|[[File:Bajoran City.jpg|link=Bajor|thumb|In 2388, '''[[Klingon Invasion of 2389Bajor]] was welcomed into the Federation''' as a member.]]|-|valign=top|&#9664; <font size=3>'''2389'''|valign==*top|'''[[Klingon Invasion of 2389]]:''' The '''[[Klingon Invasion of 2389|Klingons invaded]] the Romulan Star Empire'''.|-|valign=top|&#9664; <font size=3>'''2390'''|valign==top|'''[[Gateway Crisis of 2390]]====*'''2390:''' The aftermath of the Hobus supernova was still felt at the dawn of the new decade as the ancient Iconian gateways were reactivated across the galaxy in what became known as the '''[[Gateway Crisis of 2390]]'''.|}
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