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SIM:Skyfire:Mental States

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(( Skyfire's Quarters ))
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Collim: You don't have to apologize. <nowiki>::</nowiki>smiling warmly</nowiki>::</nowiki> First, just breath. Take a slow deep breath and release slowly.
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<nowiki>::</nowiki>He nodded and sipped his coffee, trying once again tore-focus his calm. <nowiki>::</nowiki> He nodded and sipped his coffee,trying once again to re-focus his calm. He wasn't in much of a state of mind to do anything more, but he knew that this one lesson was something that would take the most practice. He listened, nodding carefully at appropriate points as she began his lesson. Step by step, focusing on an object and finding his center. After about 10 minutes, he opened his eyes slowly. <nowiki>::</nowiki>
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Collim: It will take time and practice but eventually, it'll get easier.
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