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Places and Art of Worship
Most followers choose to adorn their bodies with associated piercing and body art. This would mostly be kept hidden, but are displayed in many of the festivals and rites.
The temples are home to Karawati's Priestesses(who are otherwise known as '''Vadas'''), who dedicate their lives to her name and inspire others the path of her faith. They chant and pray all day and night, serving her people and the continuing prosperity of their home world. Most of the time, they dress in elaborate and exotic robes that show off their tattoos and piercings; it is relatively normal to see them also don anything symbolic of the goddess. Cool mannered and sometimes often mistaken as gypsies or Wiccans, these women are revered and praised for all their good work. It is considered an honor to take into the position, and is addressed as so by paintings that mark the occasion in each independent, receiving house.
Mediation is also a preferred practice that involves the burning of incenses and candles to clear one's state of mind. This method is used to clarify oneself as an individual and to hone into the clarity that is Karawati herself: thus, becoming more aware and feeling enlightened after the experience is finished. It is also used to purge any angered or impure feelings/thoughts, channeling them into a black hole to be recycled for the better of their disposition. It is much like Buddhism in the ways they do cherish and exhibit it.
*'''Retana's Farce:''' Summer into what is fall. Still warm, but Retana moans for her time to bring things down and let her sisters rest. Calmly gliding into Winter or the Severance of Rixx, Karawati's people choose this time to pull in any crops and tie down any loose ends.
*'''Severance of Rixx:''' Known otherwise as the Fall of Rixx, this time symbolizes the end of Rixx's days, bringing chill until Yimone turns again.
== Raising Children and Family Affairs==

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