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Alexander Richards/Family

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:'''Marissa''' and Alexander married in a quiet ceremony in Oxford on S.D. 23830101. The pair graduated later that same year. Whilst Alexander took up studies at Starfleet Academy, Marissa began work as a Xenobiologist at a civilian research lab. She stayed there until Alexander transferred to the academy on Starbase 118. During the journey, Marissa fell pregnant and on S.D. 238606.13 John Richards, the couple's first and so far only child was born.
:'''Since''' the birth, Marissa and John have followed Alexander to his many different postings ranging from DS17 whilst he served on the USs USS Independence A and the USS Tiger A to being on board a star ship with him on the USS Mercury. She currently finds herself working as a civilian botanist in the science department on Starbase 118.
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:'''The''' young man now spends his days between nursery, spending time with his mother and waiting for his father to come home.
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