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fleet train pulls from Fleet-icons; no need to seperatly edit it.
<noinclude>'''EDITORS''': Please remember if you are changing a link to do so on [[:Template:118FleetTrain]] as well. Also, please update the current ship listing on the [ Extended Universe Wiki]. Thank you.
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{| stylealign=center width="margin:0 auto;100%" id=toc align=center| colspan=100% style="background:#DDCEF2ddcef2; border:1px solid #AFA3BF" align="center" | '''[[Ship Histories|The StarBase 118 Fleet]]'''|-| align=0px"center" | '''Active Vessels and Bases'''<br>[[StarBase 118 Ops]] '''·''' [[Embassy of Duronis II|Duronis II Embassy]]<br>{{USS|Apollo}} '''·''' {{USS|Atlantis}} '''·''' {{USS|Darwin|A}}<br>{{USS|Discovery|C}} '''·''' {{USS|Excalibur|A}} '''·''' {{USS|Garuda}}<br>{{USS|Tiger|A}} '''·''' {{USS|Vigilant}} <br><sub>Training: {{USS|Centris|A}}</sub>|-|align=right| <sub>[[Template:118Fleet|Edit nav]]</sub>
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{{LCARS-bar-left|[[Starfleet Vessel Register|StarBase 118 Fleet]]|220|COLOR=#ddcef2}}

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