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Gemini Specs

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[[File:Gemini.png|thumb|center|500px|USS ''Gemini'']]
[[File*'''Name:Dakota6''' USS ''Gemini''*'''Registry:''' NCC-80564*'''Class:''' ''Dakota''*'''Category:''' Multi-mission Explorer*'''Motto:''' "Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.jpg|center|800px]]" - André Gide
*Name: USS Gemini'''Specifications'''*Registry*'''Height: NCC-80564''' 90m*Class*'''Width: Dakota''' 210m*Category*'''Length: Multi-mission Explorer''' 405mMotto**'''Number of Decks: Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore. - André Gide''' 12 (+4 additional decks in nacelle pylons)
*Specifications'''Crew'''**Height'''Complement: 90m''' 375**Width'''Officers: 210m''' 90 Officers**Length'''Enlisted: 405m''' 285 Enlisted personnel**Number of Decks'''Civilians: 12 (+4 additional decks in nacelle pylons)''' Permitted with permission**'''Evacuation Capacity:''' 1800
*Crew'''Engineering'''**Complement'''Warp Engines: 375''' Four LF-45 Advanced Linear Warp Drive Units**Officers'''Impulse Engines: 90 Officers''' Two FIG-7 Subatomic Unified Energy Impulse Units**Enlisted'''Speed: 285 Enlisted personnel'''**Civilians*'''Cruising:''' Warp 6.5***'''Emergency:''' 9.85***'''Maximum:''' Warp 9.925 (10 Hours)***'''Combat Maneuverability:''' 5500**'''Computer System:''' Class XIX Bioneural/Isolinear Computer Core/LCARS**'''Hull Duration: Permitted with permission''' 80 Years**Evacuation Capacity'''Re-Supply Cycle:''' 1 year**'''Refit Cycle:'''***'''Minor:''' 5 (2 During QSD roll out)***'''Major: 1800''' 20
*Engineering'''Armament'''**Warp Engines'''Beam Weapons: Four LF-45 Advanced Linear Warp Drive Units''' 8x Type 12 Phaser Arrays (40,000TW)**Impulse Engines'''Torpedo Launchers: Two FIG''' 3x Pulse-7 Subatomic Unified Energy Impulse Units**Speed:***Cruising: Warp 6.5***Emergency: 9.85***Maximum: Warp 9.925 firing Quantum Torpedo tubes (10 Hours2 fore, 1 aft)***Combat Maneuverability'''Torpedo Payload: 5500''' 150 Quantum Torpedos**Computer System: Class XIX Bioneural'''Weapons Range/Isolinear Computer Core/LCARS**Hull Duration: 80 Years**Re-Supply Cycle: 1 year**Refit Cycle:***Minor: 5***MajorAccuracy: 20''' 550
*Armament'''Defensive Systems'''**Beam Weapons'''Shield Capacity: 8x Type 12 Phaser Arrays (40''' 1,000TW)**Torpedo Launchers: 3x Pulse-firing Quantum Torpedo tubes (2 fore500, 1 aft)000 Tj**Torpedo Payload: 150 Quantum Torpedos**Weapons Range/Accuracy'''Armor Type: 550''' 4.5cm Ablative Armour
*Defensive Systems**Shield Capacity: 1,500,000 Tj**Armor Type: 4.5cm Ablative Armour *'''Support Vessels'''
**2x Type XI Shuttles
**2x Type 9 Shuttles
**1x Argo Class Shuttle (FMC Specialized)
**2x Workbees
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