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Shiarrael Ei-Ihhliae

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{| id="toc" style="margin: 0 0 1em 1em;" align="right"! style="background:#800000;" align="center" |<font color="black"> '''USS Thunder-A & Embassy Duronis II'''|-| style="font-size: 90%" align="center"|[[Image:tanaromimage.jpg|200px]]|-! style="background:#800000;" align="center" |<font color="black"> '''T'Ana'''|-| style="font-size: 90%" |----[[Image:00-Blank-Silver.png]]*'''Gender:''' Female*'''Position:''' Prisoner*'''Ship: [[Duronis II Embassy]]*'''Rank:''' Ensign*'''Race:''' [[Romulan]]----* '''DoB:''' 235505.21* '''Weight:''' 139* '''Height:''' 5'11"* '''Eye color:'''Dark Blue* '''Hair Color:''' Black|}__NOTOC__
{{Sidebar|NAME = Shiarrael ei-Ihhliae|SHIP = Romulan Republic|RANK = Tribune|PIPSTYLE = RomulanRepublic|POST = Senior Tactical Advisor|COLOR = Purple|SPECIES = Romulan|GENDER = Female|BIRTHMONTH = 05|BIRTHDATE = 21|BIRTHYEAR = 2355|BIRTHPLACE = Liorae Ehrehinnen Estate, Romulus|IMAGE = Tanaromimage1.png|AUTHOR= V238008N10|EXTRA={{Ribbons Rack|Gold Lifesaving Ribbon|1|Explorer's Ribbon|1|Prometheus Ribbon|1}}}}'''TShiarrael ei-Ihhliae'ana'' is a [[Romulan]] prisoner being kept in the marine brig. On Stardate 239010.02, she came forward to [[S'Lone i-Ra'thleifl tr'Khellian|TrSenior Tactical Advisor'''Khellianof the [[Romulan Republic]] and that she was really a representing Romulan agent that chose to defect from interests in the empire after the destruction of her homeworldRepublic holdings.
==Stats=={{Heading|Appearance|Purple}}* '''Full NameHeight:''': T5'ana (Real Name Shiarrael ei-Ihhliae)6"* '''RaceWeight:''': [[Romulan]]139 lbs* '''Date of BirthHair:''': 235505.21Black * '''Place of BirthEyes:''': [[Romulus]]Dark Blue * '''AgeBuild:''': 30Athletic * '''Gender'''Handedness: Female * '''Telepathic status''': [ T2]Right
[[Image{{Heading|Manner|Purple}}*'''Quarters''':tanaimageThough nice, she does not have a lot of personal stuff.jpg*'''Mannerisms''': Mostly confrontational while at work. *'''Physical Limitations''': None for her species.*'''Temperament''': Most of the times brusque, though a hidden kind streak.*'''Habits''': Always checking around her and very careful. *'''Religion/Spiritual Devotion''': None.  {{Heading|200pxPersonality|left]]Purple}}What the young girl's personality would have been before her capture and indoctrination by the Tal Delata would have been will remain a mystery as Shiarrael is a confrontational and cunning thinker.  Raised to see things through the eyes of a killer, many of her interactions with the world, even those that are benign are through that mentality.  Since her repentance from her previous career, she has tried to show a kinder side to people, wanting to make amends for the lives that she has taken.  Considered brusque more than anything else. Only a few have been able to see her soft side.
* '''Height''': 5'11"
* '''Weight''': 139lbs
* '''Hair Color''': Black
* '''Length of Hair''': Shoulder length
* '''Eye Color''': Dark blue
* '''Skin Tone''': Dusky
* '''Birthmarks, Scars''': None obvious
* '''Build''': Athletic, slim
{{Heading|Likes & Dislikes|Purple}} * '''Face''': Likes* '''Eyes''': *Answer1
* {{heading|Life & Relationships|Purple}}<gallery mode="traditional" align="center">file:Kajiimage.jpg|A [[Rodulan]] telepath that saw through her mask.file:Iria-image.jpg|Self appointed watchdog. file:Antero Flynn.png|A New Friend</gallery> =={{n|Talia|Kaji}}== To think that the Rodulan counselor became close friends with a Romulan assassin boggles the mind, but Doctor Kaji and Shiarrael hit it off pretty well including when the Rodulan had been rescued from [[Sicarius]].  =={{n|Iria}}== Shiarrael knew that {{n|Nugra}}'''Mouth''': Thins daughter Iria had a few screws loose, but the young Myrivan had taken it upon herself to watch the ex-assassin to make sure she does not cross the line and end her life if it ever happened.  =={{n|Antero|Flynn}}==Most people react bad when a Romulan yells at you or even looks at you roughly, but Antero Flynn had the complete opposite reaction. The two unlikely co-lippedworkers have demonstrated a unique working relationship that defies odds at times.  
* '''Arms''': {{Heading|Achievements|Purple}}* '''Legs''': * '''Carriage''': {{Heading|Disappointments|Purple}}
* '''Poses (Hands/Gestures, Feet/Legs, Torso/Head)''': Very calm and each movement is deliberate.
* '''Taste in Clothing (when off duty)''': Black jumpsuit.
* '''Shoes''': Sensible
* '''Voice''': Controlled, emotionless
* '''Handedness''': Left
{{Heading|Personal History|Purple}}
Shiarrael was born on the expansive Liorae Ehrehinnen Estate to a senator and his wife in the spring. Though taken at the age of six by the Tal Delata, she still retained the faint memories of fireblossoms that had grown around the window of her room. Though the memories were faint and almost completely erased by the conditioning and the programming she underwent, the smell of fireblossoms still triggers a bit of nostalgia.
{{Heading|Tal Delata|Purple}}
When and how she was abducted from her home has been lost to time, but for a few childhood memories, all Shiarrael could remember of her young life was the gray walls of the compound and the harsh training that she had to endure every day. The Tal Delata were a secret experiment by a group of Senators who wanted to breed and train a special assassin. No one knew of their existence and only twelve were ever trained. Even the Tal Shiar never learned of their existence.
Upon reaching the age of seventeen, she graduated after executing a Nausicaan pirate on her first mission and was then assigned to become a deep cover agent in the Federation. She was implanted in to a Vulcan monastery with a family supportive of Romulan Empire where they claimed that she was their daughter. At the age of eighteen, she joined Starfleet and once accepted made sure to kill her pseudo parents to limit any chance of her fake heritage being discovered.
After graduating starfleet academy, she was stationed to The Federation Embassy on Duronis II where she was to remain in wait until she received a command to kill the senior staff. Those two years waiting, she preformed a few missions for the Tal Delata while on "leave", but when the order finally came, she could not do it.
Surrendering to the Intelligence officer, a fellow Romulan, {{n|S'Lone i-Ra'thleifl|Tr'Khellian}} in hopes he would kill her in a ceremonial death, wound up becoming a bartering chip between the Romulan Republic and the Federation. In the end, she was handed over to a covert facility to keep dangerous romulans in check which Shiarrael promptly escaped and joined the Republic.
{{Heading|Republic Operative|Purple}}
Since joining the Republic, Shiarrael has felt a weight has been lifted, using her skills to build a new government instead of killing those to keep others in power. She participated in many ops and missions until her mission took her to the decks of the USS Victory where she got herself appointed as the Republic's liaison officer to the [[Nashira Rho]] sector.
Though only functioning aboard the {{USS|Victory}} for a few weeks, when the ship was decommissioned, she found herself being transferred to the {{USS|Columbia}} then to the {{USS|Doyle|A}}, followed by the {{USS|Athena}} where she presently resides.
==Manner==<!--* '''Quarters''': Sparse* '''Favorite Room''': * '''Habits''': * '''Mannerisms''': -->* '''Religion/Spiritual Devotion''': None<!--* '''Hobbies and Pastimes''': * '''Likes''': * '''Dislikes''': * '''Ambitions and Goals''': * '''Achievements in Life''': * '''Disappointments in Life''': -->* '''Temperament''': Aloof, arrogantIn a way, callous<!--* '''Mental problems (complexes her service to the Republic and phobias)''': * '''Physical Limitations''':-->to Starfleet is her way of trying to make amends for her crimes.
==Family=={{Heading|Senior Tactical Advisor|Purple}}* '''Marital Status''': Single* '''Children''': None* '''Parents** '''Father''': Unknown** '''Mother''': Unknown* '''Siblings''': UnknownUpon leaving the {{USS|Athena}} to return to the republic, Shiarrael was appointed Senior Tactical Advisor to the Republic 2nd Fleet and works to further interests of the Republic with her allies.
{{Heading|Mission Log|Black}}
<table align='center' border='1'>
<td colspan='4' align='center'><b>USS VICTORY</b></td>
<td align='center'>[[Victory Scourge of Romulus|Scourge of Romulus]]</td>
<td align='center'><b>239203.18 - 239205.03</b></td>
<td align='center'>[[The Spider's Web (Victory)|The Spider's Web]]</td>
<td align='center'><b>239205.18 - 239207.12</b></td>
<td colspan='4' align='center'><b>USS COLUMBIA</b></td>
<td align='center'>[[Force of Nature (Columbia)|Force of Nature]]</td>
<td align='center'><b>239208.05 - 239209.20</b></td>
<td align='center'>[[Nightmare (Columbia)|Nightmare]]</td>
<td align='center'><b>239210.06 - 239211.15</b></td>
<td colspan='4' align='center'><b>USS DOYLE-A</b></td>
<td align='center'></td>
<td align='center'><b></b></td>
<td align='center'></td>
<td align='center'><b></b></td>
<td colspan='4' align='center'><b>USS Athena</b></td>
<td align='center'></td>
<td align='center'><b></b></td>
<td align='center'></td>
<td align='center'><b></b></td>
==Personal History==# '''2390.01.10''': Graduated the Academy # '''239001.12''': Assigned to the [[USS Thunder-A]].# '''239009.10''': Survived the Invasion of the Bluegills. # '''239010.02''': Found to be a Romulan assassin.{{Heading|SIM Archive|Purple}}
==Professional History==* '''Date Graduated from Academy''': 239001.10* '''Current Rank''': Ensign* '''Current Assignment''': [[USS Thunder-SIM:ADream of Old|A Dream of Old]]* '''Duty Post'''[http: Prisoner// Another Starfleet Vessel]
==Notable Sims=={{Athena-crew}}
[[SIM:A Dream of Old|A Dream of Old]]
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