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<br>{{Siroknav}}Sidebar|NAME = Sirok|SHIP = Embassy of Duronis II / USS Thor|RANK = Ensign|PIPSTYLE = Default|POST = Engineering Officer|COLOR = Gold|SPECIES = Vulcan|GENDER = Male|BIRTHMONTH = 06|BIRTHDATE = 22|BIRTHYEAR = 2369|BIRTHPLACE = Kyr, Vulcan<h2 style|IMAGE ="margin:0; background:red; font-size:120%; font-weight:bold; border:1px solid #000000; text-align:center; color:#ffffff; padding:0Sirok.2em 0.4em;">This wiki page is still under construction</h2>jpg|thumb|AUTHOR = E239702S10|EXTRA =}}
Lieutenant JG '''Sirok''', a [[Vulcan]], is currently security officer aboard the [[USS Discovery-C]].
<!--Let's start with your sidebar! Take out Harry Kim's info above and put in your own character's information. Valid colors are Red, Gold, Blue, Teal, Violet, Black, Silver, and Green. Remember those colors as we'll be using them for the section headers in the rest of this bio.
<br><h2 style="margin:0; background:darkgoldenrod; font-size:120%; font-weight:bold; border:1px solid #000000; text-align:center; color:#ffffff; padding:0Not all ranks are available in all colors.2em 0Use full rank names (except for Lieutenant JG and Lt.4em;">Stats</h2>* '''Full Name''': Sirok* '''Race''': [[Vulcan]]* '''Date of Birth''': 2320 (stardate 232012Commander, and Lt.12Colonel)* '''Place . Pipstyle can be changed from Default to DS9 or Slanted. See the table later in this bio for examples of Birth''': Shi'Al provinceeach. There is also an extra STO pip set, Vulcan* '''Age''': {{age|2320|12|12}}* '''Gender''': Male* '''Telepathic Status''': T5 (Any species, touch only)but it works best in the table rather than in the sidebar.
<h2 style="margin:0; background:darkgoldenrod; font-size:120%; font-weight:bold; border:1px solid #000000; text-align:center; color:#ffffff; padding:0.2em 0.4em;">Appearance</h2>[[Image:sirok_02.jpg|thumb|140px|left|Sirok in traditional Vulcan clothes]]* '''Height''': 1.80 m* '''Weight''': 77 kg* '''Hair Color''': black* '''Length For date of Hair''': short, traditional Vulcan style* '''Eye Color''': green-grey* '''Skin Tone''': olive* '''Taste in Clothing (when off duty)''': Even when being off-duty, Sirok often wears his normal duty uniform. If he decides not tobirth, he normally wears rather simple add a leading zero for single digit months and casual clothes in mostly dark blueish or greenish coloursdates. For special off-duty occasions, which require more formal clothes, he prefers traditional Vulcan suitsThe sidebar will automatically calculate your character's age as well. * '''Handedness''': Right
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<h2 style="margin:0; background:darkgoldenrod; font-size:120%; font-weight:bold; border:1px solid #000000; text-align:center; color:#ffffff; padding:0.2em 0.4em;">Manner</h2>Do NOT put [[Image:sirok_Vulcan_painting.jpg|thumb|400px|left|Painting in Sirok's room showing Shi'Alor ]]<br>* '''Quarters''':Sirok is not a friend of pretentious and decorated rooms or houses. He likes to keep it plain and simple, which can be clearly seen when you enter his quarters. The room is only sparsely decorated. All the items he keeps in his quarters have a special meaning to him. The Vulcan Starfleet officer owns a painting, which he has hanging on the wall of his room. It shows the coastline of the Vulcan province of Shi'Al and reminds him of his home. <br>Apart from that you can only find a photograph of his sister, which normally stands at his desk. It is the only family photograph that can be found in his room. Some candles which he does not only light for his daily meditation complete the decoration. Therfore he usually calibrates the ship's fire alarm system which enables him to use them without triggering the alarm. He normally keeps the light in his quarters below standard, so that it is slightly darker than usual in his room. Apart from that, the environmental settings in his room are also set to a higher temperature than the normal Starfleet temperature. <br><br> * '''Habits'''File:There are some typical habits that Sirok shows. When you spend some time with him, it is very likely that you would see him in his typical pose, both hands clasped behind his back. Another habit - which is often said to be typical for many if not all Vulcans is the typical eyebrowname. Whenever he is sceptical or even surprised by something, his right eyebrow would go up.Another habit, which is very important for him is his daily meditation. Whenhever it is possible, he tries to do that before he goes to sleep. Meditation helps him to get the inner strength to control the strong Vulcan emotions inside him.<br><br>* '''Hobbies and Pastimes''':** sports ** reading** he loves listening to classical Vulcan and Terran music** interested in Astronomy and Astrophysics* '''Likes''':** classical Vulcan and Terran music** * '''Dislikes''':** ** * '''Ambitions and Goals''': * '''Achievements in Life''': * '''Disappointments in Life''':** the rejection of his father as he left Vulcan and did not follow in his footsteps * '''Temperament''':** on first sight: typical Vulcan: logical, reserved, stoic** he accepts that he has emotions, which he tries The template will automatically resize your image to keep under control as they can be intense and wild. Therefore, he follows fit the teachings of Surak, but he refuses to neglect his emotions as his father did on his way of Kolinahrsidebar.
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<h2 style="margin:0; background:darkgoldenrod; fontOnce you're done, we'll move onto the introductory sentence/paragraph for your character below!-size:120%; font-weight:bold; border:1px solid #000000; text-align:center; color:#ffffff; padding:0.2em 0.4em;">Family</h2>
* '''Marital StatusEnsing Sirok''': single* is currently serving as a '''Parents** Engineering'''Father''': Lodzhal** '''Mother''': T’Dess* '''Siblings''': T’Sey aboard the (3 years younger than Sirok{{USS|Thor}}) .
* '''Height''': 1.75 m // 5' 9''
* '''Weight''': 87 kG // 192lb
* '''Hair''': Brown
* '''Eyes''': Brown
* '''Build''': Athletic
* '''Mother''': T’Lil daughter of S’tvan (landowner)
* '''Father''': S'vek son of Sobok (landowner)
* '''Sibling''': Sopeg
* '''Spouse''': none (unbounded)
<h2 style="margin:0; background:darkgoldenrod; font-size:120%; font-weight:bold; border:1px solid #000000; text-align:center; color:#ffffff; padding:0Whom does your character get on with or not get on with? For now, pick one member of your current crew and enter their name below, then describe the nature of your character's relationship with them.2em 0.4em;">Personal History</h2>
===Early Life===<!--* [[Image:Sirok_mother.jpg|thumb|100px|right|T'Dess, Sirok's mother(Name of character)]]On stardate 232012.12 Sirok was born as the first child to Lodzhal and T’Dess on Vulcan. He was given the name Sirok, meaning "outside hope" in the Vulcan language. He has a younger sister, T'Sey (Description Here)-- meaning "lady who asserts", who was was born three years later.>
[[Image:Sirok_sis.jpg|thumb|140px|left|T'Sey, his younger sister]]
Sirok was raised on the Vulcan homeworld. His family owns a house in the east of the Shi'Al province, surrounded by rolling hills and not too far from the Thanor Sea. His father had a determining influence on his upbringing. Due to the fact that his father was rigorously following the way of Kolinahr, Sirok's education was hallmarked by strictness of logic and severe discipline. After managing the ritual by which all remaining vestigial emotions were demonstrated as purged, his father Lodzhal tried to live by the difficult and strict mental discipline whereby this state was maintained. Lodzhal also tried to teach his children to follow that way as the only logical and acceptable way for Vulcans. When his sister T'Sey eventually actively protested against her father by leaving the house and moving to the capital city of Vulcan, ShiKahr, the family broke every tie with her - apart from Sirok, who remains the only one who still has contact to his sister. Their mother T'Dess was not successful in asserting a less rigid attitude towards education and eventually submitted herself to her husband's way.
Especially after his sister had left their {{Heading|Background|Gold}}Sirok comes from a very traditional family home, Sirok’s days on Vulcan were characterized by meditation,strict rules and denial owners of a large amount of all emotions. But land dedicated to cultivation in spite the region of (or even because Kyr. As proud as a Vulcan can be of) his father’s strict and hard-line lectures, Sirok tends family history. They have always been able to have a more relaxed view on emotions than his father. After studying emphasize that they were faithful followers of the Kirshara, teachings of Surak's writings and teachings, and due having belonged to his contact the Syrrannite movement. Most of them have always been linked to his sister T'Seythe Kyr region, he finally came to the conclusion that he had to accept the existance great exception being their grandfather Sobok, who served most of his emotions. It is neither logical for him to deny the fact that those strong emotions exist nor to attempt to strictly follow extensive career as Captain of the way of KolinahrUSS Elcano, which purges all the remaining vestigial emotionsan old Excelsior class ship.
On the other hand, howeverSirok was born with a defect in his brain structure, he agrees and the supports damaging the teachings inherent telepathic abilities of Surak his species. So it is impossible for him, except with great effort and believes danger, to perform a mind-meld. This handicap meant that Vulcans have to control their emotions as his parents could not find him a partner, although they turned out did not make much effort, it seemed logical to them that he should be disastrous in Vulcan historyrejected for marriage. Therfore he His parents dedicated all their efforts to ensuring that his brother Segon would not show them openly and tries to keep them under controlprosper. From Sirok tries at the most they expected him to find a balance between the fact that he has emotions and manage small parts of the way of logic and Surak, so that emotions don’t rule him and his behaviourfamily estate.[[Image:Sirok_father.jpg|thumb|100px|right|LodzhalHowever, Sirok's father]] In spite he was strongly impressed by one of his fatherde Sobok's attempts few visits to make him follow the way of Kolinahr his children at Vulcan and the fact saw that Lodzhal also broke with Sirok after he had left Vulcan, he can understand his father. He also accepts that did not have to do what his father chose the way he follows, but arrogates the right family expected of choosing his own wayhim.
As a final act of emancipation from The young Vulcan began to do what he could to improve himself. If, as his fatherparents said, Sirok also left his family home and went future on Vulcan was so unflattering, it was logical to do what was possible to Earthimprove his situation outside the planet. As soon as he could, where he joined took the examination for admission to Starfleet Academy and came into contact with many other species for whom emotions play a vital role in their lifeas one of the youngest Vulcans to have passed the exam.
===[[Academy Library|Starfleet Academy]]===At first his stay was complicated for him, he had a hard time adapting to the way of being of emotional beings. On the contrary, he learned to discard prejudices from his point of view. There were individuals capable of using logic, even if only at times.
NaturallyHis efforts earned him a place as an advanced cadet in his chosen field, engineering. But he had some problems finding new non-Vulcan friends there as he found their way was able to spend a lot of living out their emotions disturbing at first. Therfore he concentrated on his studies time in solitude and the lectures which helped him with his academic performancebe able to relate to other cadets or make contacts. <!--In the last coding above, delete two Academy years, after completion of the Academy's General Studies programheadings so that only one remains. You can then type here as if you were writing on notepad to drop in some information about your character. If you want to use bullets, he spent much time concentrating on his minors copy and majors, which he laid in paste the fields of security and tacticsstar above. But he You can also visited courses in science as he was personally interested in look on the fields of Astronomy forums and Astrophysicsthe wiki for tutorials on how to use more adventurous coding. It was in Want to include sections for Background, Personality AND Career History? Just copy the last years that he had slowly managed to find some friends at code for the Academytitle bar above, who were not Vulcan, but he is still very reluctant then paste it in type in the title you want - you can add extra sections in making new friends.too! /Personality/Career History-->
{{Heading|Service History|Gold}}
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===[[Starfleet]]=== After the completion of the Academy, he served as a security officer for the staff personnel of Admiral Samuelson. After the return of the missing Discovery, he was assigned to the [[USS Discovery-C]] as [[Security (Duty_Post)|Security officer]] by Admiral Samuelson.    <h2 style="margin:0; background:darkgoldenrod; font-size:120%; font-weight:bold; border:1px solid #000000; text-align:center; color:#ffffff; padding:0.2em 0.4em;">Professional History</h2> * '''Date Graduated from Academy''': 239009.17* '''Current Rank''': Lieutenant JG* '''Current Assignment''': [[USS Discovery-C]]* '''Duty Post''': [[Security (Duty_Post)|Security officer]] {| class="wikitable" style="margin: 1em auto 1em auto;" border='3' cellspacing='0'|-! colspan="5" style="background:darkgoldenrod; width:800px;" |<font color=white>'''[[File:Starfleet instructor.png|20px]]Sirok's Service Record[[File:Starfleet instructor.png|20px]]'''</font>{| border='2' cellspacing='0'
! style="background:darkgoldenrod; width:120px;" |<font color=white>'''Insignia'''</font>! style="background:darkgoldenrod; width:120px;" |<font color=white>'''Rank'''</font>! style colspan="background:darkgoldenrod; width:150px;100%" |<font color=white>'''Dates'''</font>! style="background:darkgoldenrod#343434; width:220px800px;" |<font color=white>'''Posting'''</font>! style="background:darkgoldenrod; width:190px#fff;" |<font color=white>'''Assignment'''</font>Service History
! style="background:#ffffffE6E6E6;width:120px" |[[Image:004-Cadet1st-Gold.png]]Insignia! style="background:#ffffffB8B8B8; width:200px;" |Cadet 1st ClassRank! style="background:#ffffffE6E6E6; width:200px;" |239009 Dates! style="background:#ffffffB8B8B8;" |Starbase 118, Cadet cruise on USS CentrisPosting! style="background:#ffffffE6E6E6;" |SecurityAssignment
! style="background:#ffffff000;" |[[Image:01-Ens-{{Pips|Cadet First Class|Gold.png‎]]}}! style="background:#ffffffB8B8B8;" |EnsignCadet First Class! style="background:#ffffffE6E6E6;" |239009239702.17 - 239011.1409! style="background:#ffffffB8B8B8;" |Staff Adm. SamuelsonGraduated Starfleet Academy! style="background:#ffffffE6E6E6;" |Security OfficerEngineering officer
! style="background:#ffffff000;" |[[File:02-LtJG-{{Pips|Ensign|Gold.png‎]]|Slanted}}! style="background:#ffffffB8B8B8;" |Lieutenant JGEnsign! style="background:#ffffffE6E6E6;" |239011239702.09 10 - 239011.14Present! style="background:#ffffffB8B8B8;" |Staff Adm. Samuelson{{USS|Thor}}! style="background:#ffffffE6E6E6;" |Security Officer(Engineering)
! style="background:#ffffff;" |[[File:02-LtJG-Gold.png]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |Lieutenant JG
! style="background:#ffffff;" |239011.14 -
! style="background:#ffffff;" |[[USS Discovery-C]]
! style="background:#ffffff;" |Security Officer
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